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Monday 3rd of July 2017 10:33:56 AM
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The Office: Life after a virus image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 3rd of July 2017 10:33:56 AM
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Is it safer to use an app or a browser for banking? image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 22nd of June 2017 09:55:03 AM
.... Further, these apps run in sandboxes to prevent them from doing bad things. PCs, by contrast, can run unvetted software from any source, including malware-infected websites, unless your anti-virus software blocks them. ...
Norfolk emerges as dating fraud hotspot in regional scam standings image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 15th of June 2017 11:01:53 PM
....Dorset was found to be another target for technology fraud, with 3. 8 reports of computer virus, malware and spyware fraud for every 10,000 people compared with the general average of 2. ...
Security firm asks EU to investigate Microsoft image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 6th of June 2017 01:43:21 PM
....Russian security software-maker Kaspersky has filed an anti-trust complaint against Microsoft with the European Commission. It claims that the software giant is abusing its market dominance by pushing Windows 10 users towards its own anti-virus software. ...
Financially sunk if you sail without proper travel insurance image
Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Wednesday 24th of May 2017 12:01:00 AM
.... . You may also be left high and dry if, say, you miss your ship’s scheduled departure or are confined to your cabin with a contagious illness such as norovirus. ...
WannaCry lessons image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 18th of May 2017 11:02:01 PM
....And the brutal truth is that there are plenty of companies and organisations that simply don't have enough IT staff or take cyber risk seriously enough, argues Mike DeCesare, chief executive of network security firm, ForeScout. As well as keeping antivirus, firewall, application and OS software up-to-date, backing up key data regularly to offline hard drives should be a top priority, most cyber experts agree. ...
WannaCry ransomware cyber-attacks slow but fears remain image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 15th of May 2017 10:38:57 AM
....Michael Gazeley, of Network Box, a Hong Kong-based cyber-security firm, told Reuters there were still "many 'landmines' waiting in people's inboxes", adding that his firm had detected a new version that infected users directly via a malicious link on hacked websites. Becky Pinkard, from Digital Shadows, a UK-based cyber-security firm, also said it would be easy for the initial attackers or "copy-cat authors" to change the virus code so it is difficult to guard against. ...
Microsoft warns ransomware cyber-attack is a wake-up call image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 14th of May 2017 10:14:59 PM
....It blamed governments for storing data on software vulnerabilities which could then be accessed by hackers. It says the latest virus exploits a flaw in Microsoft Windows identified by, and stolen from, US intelligence. ...
Cyber-attack image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 14th of May 2017 09:44:03 PM
....However, home users are generally believed to be at low risk to this particular strain. You can protect yourself by running updates, using firewalls and anti-virus software and by being wary when reading emailed messages. ...
NHS cyber-attack: More ransomware cases 'likely on Monday' image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 14th of May 2017 06:41:08 PM
.... Europol head Rob Wainwright said he was concerned that the number affected would continue to rise when people returned to work on Monday morning. He told the BBC there was an escalating threat from the virus, known as Wanna Decryptor or WannaCry, adding: "We've never seen anything like this - it's unprecedented in scale. ...
Ransomware cyber-attack threat escalating - Europol image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 14th of May 2017 11:28:23 AM
....He told the BBC the act was "unprecedented in its scale" and warned more people could find themselves affected on Monday morning. The virus took control of users' files, demanding payments; Russia and the UK were among the worst-hit countries. ...
Next cyber-attack could be imminent, warn experts image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 14th of May 2017 03:05:05 AM
.... quite likely on Monday". The virus, which took control of users' files, spread to 100 countries, including Spain, France and Russia. ...
Cyber-attack: Europol says it was unprecedented in scale image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Saturday 13th of May 2017 03:46:13 PM
.... Banks, the state-owned railways and a mobile phone network were hit. Russia's interior ministry said 1,000 of its computers had been infected but the virus was swiftly dealt with and no sensitive data was compromised. ...
Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 12th of May 2017 03:36:47 PM
.... Domestic banks, the interior and health ministries, the state-owned Russian railway firm and the second largest mobile phone network were all reported to have been hit. Russia's interior ministry said 1,000 of its computers had been infected but the virus was swiftly dealt with and no sensitive data was compromised. ...
Microsoft makes emergency security fix image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 9th of May 2017 10:56:59 AM
....1, 10 and Windows Server operating systems are affected by the bug. Anti-virus software such as Windows Defender would merely have to scan the malicious content for the exploit to be triggered. ...
No 'peace' for internet users accusing BT of empty promises over broadband speeds image
....■ Buy a set of powerline adapters to create a network from the router right around your home. ■ Update your browsers and anti-virus software regularly and spring clean your browser’s archive of viewed web pages. ...
'Nearly half' of firms had a cyber-attack or breach image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 19th of April 2017 10:36:10 AM
....That proportion rose to two-thirds among medium and large companies. Most often, these breaches involved fraudulent emails being sent to staff or security issues relating to viruses, spyware or malware. ...
Identity fraud reached record levels in 2016 image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 15th of March 2017 01:00:52 AM
.... . Cifas advises people to shred important paper documents - and use passwords, privacy settings and anti-virus software on their computers. ...
Machines v hackers image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 10th of March 2017 12:33:10 AM
....That is a problem when the analysts expected to defend companies are "drowning" in data generated by firewalls, PCs, intrusion detection systems and all the other appliances they have bought and installed, he says. Automation is nothing new, says Oliver Tavakoli, chief technology officer at security firm Vectra Networks - early uses helped antivirus software spot novel malicious programmes. ...
Nimble entrepreneurs seek solutions to air quality crisis image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 6th of March 2017 07:30:06 AM
....Cambridge Mask Company’s USP is that its masks include a filtering technology developed by the UK ministry of defence. Dobbing says these masks don’t just filter particulate-based pollution – the kind that is responsible for smog – but that they also filter virus-spreading pathogens and the colourless pollution that tends to come from petrol vehicles. ...
Free range eggs may have to be renamed because of bird flu restrictions image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 25th of January 2017 01:07:22 PM
....Flocks of free range hens are being housed indoors because of the bird flu outbreak and if they are unable to go back outside by the end of February the eggs will be downgraded to “barn produced”, the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) has said. In December the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) ordered that all free range hens – providing eggs or meat – be housed to protect against the threat of the H5N8 influenza virus. ...
Paws for thought … can you really afford to get a dog? image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 20th of January 2017 10:57:15 AM
.... Be wary of buying from a puppy farm or online – you could be storing up trouble. Puppies need vaccinating against diseases including canine distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and leptospirosis. ...
Here are the simple ways to FIGHT the high-tech scams in Britain image
Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Tuesday 29th of November 2016 05:47:00 PM
.... . She added: “Install anti-virus software that includes an antiphishing programme. ...
Tesco cyber-raid raises serious questions over UK banks’ security image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 12th of November 2016 04:00:53 PM
....Moores points out that 2015 was a record year for cyber-attacks globally – but that’s only because 2016 hasn’t finished yet. Malware – which tries to attack PCs or corporate systems – is on the rise: “There are now thought to be more than 500 million worms, Trojans and other viruses in circulation, and reportedly every day there’s another 1. ...
Bird flu hits Cameroon's poultry farms image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 11th of November 2016 12:17:12 PM
.... . Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Niger and Nigeria have all been hit by the H5N1 virus and it has decimated poultry populations, costing billions of dollars. ...
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Wahaca: Hundreds ill due to 'norovirus outbreak' image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 3rd of November 2016 10:11:28 AM
. More than 300 people have fallen ill following a suspected outbreak of norovirus at the Wahaca restaurant chain, Public Health England (PHE) has said. ...
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London Wahaca restaurants close due to suspected norovirus cases image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 3rd of November 2016 07:07:46 AM
. The Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca has been forced to close several branches after more than 350 customers and staff fell ill with suspected norovirus. ...
Saving honey bees image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 21st of September 2016 11:06:42 PM
....Together with the impact of varroa mites, this has also led to a big increase in colony collapse disorder - when worker bees abandon their hives. In the US the precarious situation has been made much worse since the summer, due to aerial spraying of insecticides to target mosquitoes that could carry the Zika virus. ...
Testing for Ebola image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 19th of September 2016 11:04:33 PM
....When a nurse at Monrovia's Redemption Hospital in Liberia fell ill, the doctors thought she had typhoid fever. But three days later, they realised it wasn't typhoid - it was the deadly Ebola virus. ...
Virgin Atlantic won’t accept that I’m at risk from Zika virus image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 19th of September 2016 06:00:39 AM
. I read your recent letter about Virgin Atlantic and its policy on refunds regarding the health risks of the Zika virus to pregnant passengers planning to fly to Florida. ...
Singapore F1 Grand Prix roars on despite Zika fears image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 16th of September 2016 08:53:07 AM
....Singapore is hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix for the ninth year amid concerns a Zika outbreak and recently foiled terror plot will drive away tourists. More than 350 people in the city-state have been infected with the mosquito-borne virus as of Friday, and the number of cases are expected to rise. ...
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The police chief battling cybercriminals from Russia and Ukraine image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 27th of August 2016 06:00:00 AM
....8m incidents of cybercrime in the past year, enough to nearly double the headline crime rate in England and Wales, writes Patrick Collinson. The Office for National Statistics said last month that one in 10 adults have been victims of cybercrime and online fraud over the previous year in the first official estimate of the scale of scams, virus attacks, thefts of bank details and other offences. ...
Zika grounded our dream holiday, now Virgin Atlantic won’t refund us image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Tuesday 23rd of August 2016 06:00:07 AM
.... In March our daughter told us she was pregnant again. When we heard towards the end of July that pregnant women were being advised not to travel to Florida due to the Zika virus, we checked on the Public Health England government website and found that although the risk in Florida was deemed “moderate” it nevertheless advised pregnant women to postpone all “non-essential” travel there. ...
Who's bugging you? image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 22nd of August 2016 11:24:04 PM
....Almost every meeting room is furnished with a conference phone that could be hacked. Anyone with a portable memory stick and a few minutes at a work station could download vast amounts of data or upload a virus. ...

Polio will be wiped out for good once we tackle the last remaining sceptics
....Zika, Sars, Ebola. Whenever you read of a virus in the media, your flesh will creep with news of a deadly epidemic in some part of the world. ...

US declares Zika public health emergency in Puerto Rico 
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Saturday 13th of August 2016 12:30:58 AM
....US health authorities have  declared a public health emergency in Puerto Rico due to the outbreak of Zika, which has now infected more than 10,000 people. Zika is a mosquito-borne virus that can cause birth defects and is particularly dangerous for pregnant women. ...
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Zika virus found to remain in sperm for up to six months
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Friday 12th of August 2016 05:45:30 PM
. An Italian man carried Zika in his sperm for six months after showing the first symptoms of the virus, twice as long as in any previously reported case, according to a new study. ...
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Donald Trump will not pivot to the centre. He thinks crazy is working
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Friday 12th of August 2016 09:05:22 AM
.... On Wednesday, he said that Obama “founded” Isis. This is not true, any more than it is true that the President founded Gnosticism or the Ebola virus – but Trump, like Tom Petty, won’t back down. ...

Nigeria reports two new polio cases, the first since 2014
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Thursday 11th of August 2016 10:00:00 PM
....Two children in the northeast state of Borno had been paralysed by the disease, the Geneva-based group said in a statement. The new cases represent a major setback for Nigeria, which had just celebrated two years without polio last month and was on track to be certified free of the virus in July 2017. ...

Jo Pavey reveals she came last in son's school sports day race as she aims to become Team GB's oldest ever track medalist
....”. Her proud family will not be there to see her compete; she decided she did not want to risk them travelling because of the Zika virus. ...

Police investigate 'poisoning' of Britain's Gabriella Taylor at Wimbledon as player's mother says she almost died
....Gabriella Taylor, 18, was forced to withdraw from the girl’s tournament midway through her quarter final match, after being struck down with a mystery illness. It was initially thought that she had contracted a virus while playing overseas, but after spending four days in intensive care, doctors eventually diagnosed a rare strain of Leptospirosis, a disease caused by a bacterium that can be transmitted through rat urine. ...

Zika virus infection in the womb linked to severe joint condition in new study
. Scientists in Brazil studying a possible link between Zika virus infection in the womb and severe joint abnormalities in babies say they should be added to the growing list of conditions to watch for. ...

Marco Rubio: Women infected with Zika virus should be refused abortions
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Sunday 7th of August 2016 11:43:19 PM
. Marco Rubio, the Florida senator who ran an unsuccessful campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, has said women infected with the Zika virus should be denied abortions. ...

Inside 'Zika Ground Zero': How Miami's arts district is fighting back
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Sunday 7th of August 2016 09:27:19 PM
....”. Mr Blackman, an employee of Miami-Dade mosquito control, is on the front line of the battle to stop the spread of Zika – a virus transmitted mainly by the aedes aegypti mosquito. ...

Turkey's Erdogan vows to cut off revenues of Gulen-linked businesses
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Friday 5th of August 2016 04:39:22 AM
.... . This cancer is different, this virus has spread everywhere," Mr Erdogan told heads of chambers of commerce and bourses attending his speech. ...

British Olympic rower Graeme Thomas forced to withdraw with 'flu-like virus' hours after arriving in Rio
....Rower Graeme Thomas, 27, a member of the quadruple scull team, arrived in Brazil late on Friday night and felt poorly when he woke up on Saturday. Team GB said he was suffering from a “flu-like virus” but the Zika virus, which has symptoms similar to flu, has been ruled out because it takes longer than that to incubate. ...
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Aids charity wins battle over funding for HIV preventative treatment
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 12:53:23 PM
....And even if it is upheld, health officials will only agree to fund the drug if they consider it is effective enough to meet NHS criteria. The once-a-day pill, which costs £400 a month per person, works by disabling the virus to stop it multiplying. ...

Private school students have more chances of becoming Olympic champions, says Sir Steve Redgrave
....Sir Steve will attend the Rio Olympics 2016, where he will work for the BBC and serve as an ambassador for Team GB. Despite concerns about infrastructure problems in Rio, the Zika virus, security issues and water pollution, he said he is not worried about the Games. ...

US health authorities warn against travel to Zika virus 'transmission zone' in Florida after more cases discovered
. Zika fears prompted US health authorities on Monday to issue a travel warning for a small section of Miami where local mosquitoes have spread the virus to 14 people, officials said. ...

Rory McIlroy among Rio refuseniks facing Zika on their Florida doorstep
. Leading golfers who pulled out of the Rio Olympics amid fears of Zika are facing the threat of the virus on their own doorstep. ...
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'I don't know why it has not been finished': Ebola nurse
Pauline Cafferkey desperate to end 'stressful' misconduct case
. Pauline Cafferkey, the British nurse who almost died from Ebola, has told for the first time of her anguish after being accused of misconduct over her return to the UK with the virus. ...

Sex ban recommended for British tourists in Florida after Zika outbreak
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Saturday 30th of July 2016 08:30:00 PM
. Approximately 50,000 British holidaymakers currently in Florida should avoid unprotected sex for the rest of the summer holidays because of the risk from Zika virus, according to government advice. ...

Zika outbreak in Florida prompts travel warning for pregnant women
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Saturday 30th of July 2016 10:02:19 AM
. Pregnant women are being advised to consider postponing non-essential trips to Florida after an outbreak of the Zika virus. ...
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Banks need to tackle web fraud image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 30th of July 2016 06:00:26 AM
....8m incidents of cybercrime in the past year, far more than previously thought and enough to nearly double the headline crime rate in England and Wales. One in 10 of us fall victim to online scams, virus attacks and thefts of bank details every year. ...

Zika outbreak: Where is the virus spreading?
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Friday 29th of July 2016 02:11:57 PM
....Zika has shocked the world with its rapid growth, as well as its suspected link with microcephaly, a disease that can cause brain damage in babies. The mosquito-borne virus, that arrived in Brazil last May, has found its way into 40 other countries in the Americas - now including Florida in the USA. ...
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Pregnant Brazilian woman who faced deportation has been allowed to stay in Britain over Zika virus fears
. An expecting Brazilian woman has been allowed by the Home Office to extend her stay in Britain amid fears she may contract the Zika virus. ...
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Florida reports first Zika cases not related to travel 
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Wednesday 27th of July 2016 10:25:42 PM
. Florida health officials reported on Friday the first cases of local transmission of the Zika virus in the continental United States. ...

Prince Harry's live HIV test resulted in a huge surge in tests across the UK
.... Michael Brady, medical director for Terrence Higgins Trust, said in a statement: “We know that one in six people living with HIV do not know that they have it. "Testing puts you in control and, thanks to treatment, will stop you from getting seriously ill, enable you to live a normal lifespan and prevent you from passing the virus on to anyone else,. ...
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Hunting ground image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 25th of July 2016 11:05:24 PM
.... It is a cat and mouse game where the bad guys produce the malware and the good guys try to produce the means to stop it. Traditional anti-virus software is "signature-based", comparing whatever it encounters to a database of signatures. ...
Beware the cyber criminals: How to keep yourself safe from scammers image
Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Sunday 24th of July 2016 11:36:00 AM
....”. Consumer watchdog Which? warns that emails with headlines such as “Brexit causes historic market drop” encourage recipients to click on a link that will download viruses and spyware. ...

Fears grow that homegrown Zika virus may have reached US as second case investigated in Florida
. A second case of Zika virus possibly acquired locally is being investigated in Florida, just days after the first potential case was announced in Miami, officials said Thursday. ...

Brazil scientists find Zika traces in second species of mosquito in wild 
. Brazilian researchers on Thursday said they found signs of the Zika virus in a common mosquito that is a separate species from the insect known to be the primary means of transmission. ...
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Prince Harry invokes image of Princess Diana holding hand of dying Aids patient as he warns of HIV complacency threat
....Prince Harry told an international conference in South Africa that "no one would have imaged" that treatment would one day exist to treat Aids patients when Princess Diana held the hand of a dying man 29 years ago. He said that, with people living longer thanks to improved treatment, Aids has now "drifted" from the headlines and the fight to combat the virus risks a "real drift of funding and action". ...

Cyber crime: One in 10 people now victim of fraud or online offences, figures show
....Around 1. 4 million people suffered computer virus attacks, with almost 650,000 people reporting that their email or social media profile had been hacked. ...

Frantic search for vaccine as deadly mutated rabbit virus sweeps the UK
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Saturday 16th of July 2016 06:00:00 PM
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What is Zika, where did the virus come from and what happens if I catch it?
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No more fish in the sea image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 7th of July 2016 11:34:16 PM
.... . Illegal fishing in Guinea got even worse as the country was battling the deadly Ebola virus, according to a Greenpeace investigation. ...
How can I protect my data if my laptop is stolen? image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 7th of July 2016 08:45:58 AM
....The Intercept has a useful article, Encrypting Your Laptop Like You Mean It, which covers Windows, macOS/OS X and Linux. It points out that full disk encryption (FDE) doesn’t protect you against malicious websites and viruses, nor does it stop internet surveillance. ...
Earn as you snooze image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 29th of June 2016 11:00:26 PM
.... . They found that people who sleep less than six hours a night are "four times more likely to catch a cold when exposed to the virus". ...
US capitalism in crisis while most Americans lose out image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 21st of May 2016 11:04:26 PM
.... So where do we go from here? How do we curb the 40-year trend of financialisation and its perverse effects on business and society? Some people, such as the British economic journalist Paul Mason, are relatively optimistic. His new book, Postcapitalism, argues that we are at a tipping point in the process of financialisation, which has allowed capitalism to grow, like a virus, beyond its useful life span. ...
How to create the perfect password image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 21st of May 2016 05:59:05 AM
.... Change it to “EveryDayIReadTheGuardian” and it will take billions of years to bust open, according to the password checking sites. “If there’s one thing people should be doing, it’s using passphrases not words,” says Fraser Kyne of Bromium, a company that fights viruses and malware. ...
Fifteen years in the world of food image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 14th of May 2016 11:04:09 PM
.... In total, 529 complained of food poisoning. The cause, according to a report by the Health Protection Agency, was the norovirus bug transmitted by contaminated shellfish. ...
Endsleigh won’t refund our insurance policy despite a warning not to travel image
....My husband and I booked to do volunteering work in Bolivia in late May. Later we discovered that we are expecting our first child and, due to the risk of contracting the Zika virus, our GP advised us to cancel the trip. ...
Endsleigh won’t refund our insurance policy despite a warning not to travel image
....My husband and I booked to do volunteering work in Bolivia in late May. Later we discovered that we are expecting our first child and, due to the risk of contracting the Zika virus, our GP advised us to cancel the trip. ...
Four ways emerging tech is empowering women image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 24th of March 2016 09:27:39 AM
.... Also, the democratising principles of crowd-sourcing that data lends the information a trustworthiness that can be critical in the pro-social sphere. At the start of this month, for example, Google announced a new partnership with Unicef aimed at mapping, and ultimately halting, the spread of the Zika virus among pregnant women in Latin America. ...
Met chief suggests banks should not refund online fraud victims image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 24th of March 2016 05:40:02 AM
....Britain’s most senior police officer has been accused of attempting to shift blame on to victims of online fraud after he suggested consumers should not be refunded by banks if they fail to protect themselves from cybercrime. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner, said customers who had fallen foul of online fraudsters were being “rewarded for bad behaviour” instead of incentivised to update anti-virus software and improve passwords. ...
In Taiwan, leftover food scraps help farmers sustain porky appetites image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 23rd of March 2016 09:00:00 PM
....Related: Cutting food waste by a quarter would mean enough for everyone, says UN. To use food waste, farmers must order it from the government, pay for it and then cook it at high heat for an hour to kill any viruses. ...
The Crusader guide to: Avoid becoming a financial fraud victim image
Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Monday 21st of March 2016 07:41:00 PM
....Fight fraud by ensuring. you have the most up-to-date security software installed on your computer, including anti-virus. ...

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