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....3bn). The firm remains on track for modest growth, in spite of subscriber losses at its sports television network ESPN. ... [Read full article on BBC ]
Tuesday 9th of May 2017 09:37:14 PM
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Walt Disney profits were boosted by Beauty and the Beast image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 9th of May 2017 09:37:14 PM
....3bn). The firm remains on track for modest growth, in spite of subscriber losses at its sports television network ESPN. ...
Sky announces HBO co-production deal image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 20th of April 2017 07:23:20 AM
Netflix looks beyond US as competition mounts image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 17th of April 2017 01:51:31 PM
....Last year its programming became available in another 130 countries, bringing the total to more than 190. But Netflix faces increasing competition from online rivals such as Amazon and Hulu, while television networks start to launch their own streaming services and make new shows available in binge-ready box sets. ...
Tim Wu: ‘The internet is like the classic story of the party that went sour’ image
.... Day’s sensationalist approach, for example, generated an epidemic of patent-medicine fraud (there really was something called snake oil), until it was eventually unhorsed by crusading journalists and scientific research. In the 1950s, American television networks overdosed on quiz shows until revelations that all of the big ones were fixed. ...
Viacom boss Philippe Dauman resigns following $72m settlement image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 19th of August 2016 08:43:30 PM
....Until recently Mr Dauman, 62, was a close confidant to the 93-year-old Mr Redstone and had worked for him for 30 years. However, in May Mr Redstone removed him and another board member, George Abrams, from National Amusements - a company that controls Mr Redstone's major shareholdings in both Viacom as well as CBS, the US television network. ...
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn sells entire stake in Apple image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 29th of April 2016 12:13:53 AM
.... Instead, the investor is concerned with the barriers to trade that China’s authoritarian regime might put in place. “You can’t go into that business unless you’re like Samsung which is really like a country backing it,” Icahn told US cable television network CNBC. ...
Netflix shares sink as international streaming business reports weak figures image
....”. The question of whether Netflix is cannibalizing income-generating viewership from the traditional television networks and studios that produce the vast majority of its shows remains an open one. ...
Apple ad-blocking software scares publishers but Google is target image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 1st of January 2016 12:03:07 PM
.... In 2005, broadcasters feared the advent of technology that allowed viewers to fast-forward through ad breaks, a “movement that started the moment the remote control became widely available”, as Emily Bell wrote in the Guardian at the time. Bell quoted an eminent futurologist who predicted that, by 2015, 100% of the programming on US television networks would be paid for by product placement. ...
Airlines to return British holidaymakers from Egypt without hold luggage image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 5th of November 2015 06:55:15 PM
....The US Department of Homeland Security is expected to call for tighter security, possibly as soon as Friday, at certain foreign airports that have direct flights to the United States, ABC News reported, citing aviation and government officials. In addition to those requests, security measures under discussion include better baggage screening at major domestic US airports, potentially including matching luggage to manifest lists before takeoff, the television network said, quoting the officials. ...
Apple to take on Netflix and Amazon Prime with move into original programming image
Source : Independent [Read Article] Tuesday 1st of September 2015 03:46:34 PM
....The new box will include Siri support, a redesigned remote control and an app store that will allow developers to run programs on it. The subscription service the company is reported to be developing would offer Apple’s own shows alongside 25 channels, including the major television networks. ...
Golden opportunity to relive 60s and dine at top of BT Tower image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 19th of June 2015 01:10:18 PM
.... It has featured in numerous television shows and films, including Doctor Who and The Bourne Ultimatum, and was “destroyed” by a giant feline called Kitten Kong in an episode of the Goodies. Today, the BT Tower serves as a television network switching centre, and the scrolling electronic sign at its summit announced the birth of Princess Charlotte earlier this year. ...
Nutella spread 'damages environment' image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of June 2015 10:11:02 AM
...."We have to replant a lot of trees because there is massive deforestation that also leads to global warming. We should stop eating Nutella, for example, because it's made with palm oil," she said, during an interview with French television network Canal+. ...
Rupert Murdoch preparing to step down as 21st Century Fox chief image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 11th of June 2015 02:38:18 PM
.... He only returned in March after a nine-year hiatus. His business record in Australia was patchy, with success at property company REA combined with weak investments and problems at Ten, a commercial television network. ...
Questor share tip: Hold Vodafone for 4.6pc dividend image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Tuesday 26th of May 2015 04:21:14 PM
.... The shares have been on a march, gaining more than 8pc in under a week, after John Malone, the boss of rival cable company Liberty Global, said that Vodafone would make “a great fit” with his company. Mr Malone isn’t alone in recognising the benefits of joining Liberty Global’s cable television network with Vodafone’s European mobile network. ...
Mayweather v Pacquiao: Why richest fight may not revive boxing image
.... The fight is generating record revenue for a boxing bout. But much of that is down to the pent-up demand created by six years of negotiations over money, quarrels between television networks, and delays over drugs testing. ...
Greece's month of living dangerously: Who will blink first - Alexis Tsipras or Angela Merkel? image
.... The meetings are being played out against a backdrop of apocalyptic rhetoric from the Syriza leadership, attempting to talk up a weak hand by warning of the domino effect of Grexit. Mr Varoufakis told Italian state television network RAI: “The euro is fragile, it’s like building a castle of cards; if you take out the Greek card the others will collapse. ...
Frozen boosts Disney to record quarter image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Wednesday 4th of February 2015 12:39:52 PM
.... . Revenues at the company’s television networks, its most profitable unit that includes ESPN and ABC, grew 11pc to $5. ...
Mark Dampier: We always bring down Britain. But there's plenty in the tank image
Source : Independent [Read Article] Friday 23rd of January 2015 08:00:00 PM
....He concentrates on companies focused on shareholder returns, through share buybacks, dividend growth and paying special dividends. Stocks currently held in the fund that meet these criteria include the television network ITV, building materials supplier Wolseley and food wholesaler Booker Group. ...
AirAsia QZ8501: Officials say debris is missing plane image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 30th of December 2014 01:59:04 PM
.... . Relatives of the passengers screamed and wailed as local television networks showed pictures of what was clearly a human body floating in the water. ...
The Interview: Dismay at Sony film cancellation image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 18th of December 2014 11:00:40 AM
....President Obama recommended that "people go to the movies", but stressed that the hack was "very serious". Speaking to US television network ABC, he added: "We'll be vigilant - if we see something that we think is serious and credible, then we'll alert the public. ...
Madison Square Garden explores splitting firm image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 28th of October 2014 01:37:33 AM
....The New York-based company said its entertainment business, which also runs Radio City Music Hall, would focus on event and venue management. And it said the sports and media business would run its sports teams, which also include the National Hockey League's Rangers and the Women's National Basketball Association's New York Liberty, as well as regional television networks. ...
HBO to launch web streaming service image
Source : Independent [Read Article] Thursday 16th of October 2014 03:29:05 PM
.... . On Thursday morning, American television network CBS, known its The Big Bang Theory and CSI crime series, said it would introduce its own streaming service called "CBS All Access" for $5. ...
Rob Da Bank to take Bestival across the Atlantic image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Sunday 17th of August 2014 07:30:30 AM
.... . Earworm is also working with US television network HBO to provide trailer soundtracks for new series The Leftovers. ...
US high court rules Aereo 'violates copyright law' image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 25th of June 2014 05:26:40 PM
.... . It means television networks can still collect huge fees from satellite and cable systems for their programmes. ...
Skins and Hollyoaks producer sold for £550m image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Thursday 8th of May 2014 02:42:57 PM
.... . The deal is also a major investment in content for Liberty Global, months after it sold its international content division Chellomedia to the US television network AMC. ...
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Monday 7th of April 2014 03:17:38 PM
.... . The two US technology giants are due to fund exclusive programming as consumers switch from watching shows on television networks to on-demand internet services. ...
Gazprom hikes Ukraine gas price by a third  image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 1st of April 2014 11:18:37 AM
.... The energy giant Gazprom is close to the Russian state and critics say it is little more than an economic and political tool of the Kremlin. NTV, a national television network, is also owned by Gazprom. ...
Independent newspaper for sale at 'the right price' image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 30th of March 2014 11:10:37 AM
....Mr Lebedev also owns the London Evening Standard and the Independent's sister newspaper, i. On Monday he launches London Live, a 24-hour television network dedicated to news, entertainment and culture in the capital. ...

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