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Famed Brazilian plastic surgeon Pitanguy dies at 93 
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Sunday 7th of August 2016 03:48:29 AM
....Pitanguy authored hundreds of publications in his field and trained scores of young plastic surgeons. He helped put Brazil on the map as a plastic surgery "destination," and likely helped pave the way to acceptance of the medical tourism industries booming in many nations around the world. ...
VIDEO: Developing medical tourism in Mauritius image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 24th of March 2016 05:32:13 PM
Welcome to London's new luxury hotspot image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Sunday 23rd of August 2015 04:00:57 AM
.... . “Marylebone was traditionally dubbed the area for medical tourism,” says Alex Lawrie, a small-business owner in Marylebone. ...
Greece forges template for economic recovery as tourists pour in image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 3rd of July 2014 02:07:34 PM
...."Half of the 19 million we are expecting this year will visit Greece in the next 90 days," added Vassilikos. "If we want to reap more benefits from tourism it is vital that we improve our product, extend the season, branch into other niche markets like cultural and medical tourism. ...
Poland's medical tourism clinics offer half-price treatment to the world image
....For several years expat Poles have been returning home to get expensive dental work, plastic surgery and procedures such as hip replacements done at 30% to 60% of the cost they would pay in their adopted country. Now a Polish government-backed initiative is promoting medical tourism into the country, targeting non-Poles from across the world, particularly those in Scandinavia, Germany, eastern Europe – and the UK. ...

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