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Google and Facebook 'will lose millions in ads over extremism fears' image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 22nd of June 2017 06:14:48 AM
....Sir Martin Sorrell’s GroupM, which buys more than $75bn (£60bn) of advertising space on behalf of clients globally, has slashed its growth prediction for UK digital advertising and has blamed some of the adjustment on an advertiser backlash over the inability of Silicon Valley giants to stop ads appearing around inappropriate content. The latest forecast says that spend on major digital platforms like Google, Facebook and YouTube in the UK – or “pure play” internet advertising, in the industry jargon – will grow by 11% to nearly £10. ...
Google and Facebook bring in one-fifth of global ad revenue image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 1st of May 2017 11:01:11 PM
....Most of the media owners in the ranking – 20 out of 30 – are based in the US. The US dominates for several reasons: it has the biggest ad market, US companies have invested the most in extending their reach abroad and Silicon Valley innovation has powered the growth of internet advertising. ...
Music industry goes to war with YouTube image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 15th of April 2017 03:00:05 PM
....The BPI, the record labels’ association that promotes British music, says this is the latest example of YouTube exploiting the “value gap” between what it makes from online advertising shown around music videos and what finds its way to the artists’ pockets. As if to add insult to injury, news of the paltry level of payouts came a day after figures showed that Google, and subsidiary YouTube, took home the lion’s share of the £10bn spent on internet advertising in the UK last year. ...
Government in talks to boost mobile coverage on trains image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Saturday 26th of December 2015 07:00:42 PM
.... It admitted that the potential revenues the new infrastructure attracts may be outweighed by its costs, raising the possibility of subsidies. Officials are also investigating how a share of revenues from internet advertising places by train operators could be diverted, among other potential commercial relationships. ...
Google shares leap as investors welcome new era of transparency image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Tuesday 11th of August 2015 05:21:22 PM
.... . Under the new structure, the company’s core internet advertising business, which includes its search engine, Android smartphone software and YouTube video service, will be just one subsidiary of Alphabet. ...
UK advertising spend hits record £4.7bn in first quarter of 2015 image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 27th of July 2015 11:01:10 PM
....8% in spending across the industry. That was despite internet advertising as a whole increasing 12. ...
Apple becoming a bank? Don't count on it image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Sunday 5th of July 2015 05:35:49 PM
.... Is this really a world that the regulation-averse tech giants of Silicon Valley, with their freewheeling “move fast and break things” culture, want to get into? It seems unlikely. The prospect of Apple or Google mixing their highly-profitable core businesses – mobile phones and internet advertising – for the murky, volatile and capital-intensive world of banking, is remote. ...
AOL - the internet survivor image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 12th of May 2015 09:10:07 PM
....Mr Frank says: "I do think it signals a potential arms race among large carriers" like Verizon. Smaller internet advertising companies may be seen as targets, he says. ...
The 10 highest-paid jobs you can do from home image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Thursday 30th of October 2014 05:00:46 AM
Google hires former Ford chief Alan Mulally as it develops self-driving car image
.... . Mr Mulally, once deemed a strong contender for the top job at Microsoft, joins venture capitalist John Doerr, former Intel chief executive Paul Otellini and VMWare co-founder Diane Greene on the board of the internet advertising leader. ...
The flash sales website that grew by word of mouth image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 14th of July 2014 11:03:00 PM
.... From just 20 members in 2001 when it launched its website, Vente-privee now claims a membership of about 22 million in Europe. The firm does now do a small amount of internet advertising, principally to help customers from outside France to find its website. ...
Online video ads to lead UK media market growth image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Wednesday 4th of June 2014 05:00:55 AM
.... It is already the largest advertising segment in the UK and will be poised to replicate that success on a global basis by 2018, according to PwC. As advertisers follow consumers online, internet advertising worldwide will total nearly $195bn, just $20bn short of global TV advertising spending. ...
UK entertainment industry to reap HUGE financial rewards over next four years image
Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Wednesday 4th of June 2014 12:00:00 AM
.... They demand a social experience as well as a personal one,” said Phil Stokes, PwC’s E&M lead partner. The UK’s internet advertising market, already Europe’s largest and the third biggest in the world, will benefit further, growing 9. ...
Buyers court Engine as marketing group’s profits grow image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Saturday 12th of April 2014 09:00:19 PM
.... The company moved into the black despite UK advertising industry spending falling by 11pc during the year and global agency spending having yet to recover to pre-recession levels. Advertising is increasingly migrating to digital platforms with spending on internet advertising rising by 15pc last year to £6. ...
City Diary: Ben Edelman left red-faced over taking cash to bash Blinkx image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Friday 11th of April 2014 06:00:38 AM
. Ben Edelman, the Harvard University professor who wiped 40pc off the Blinkx share price by accusing the Aim internet advertising company of questionable ethics, promised yet another “bombshell” at the recent UK Investor Show. ...

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