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Anglo American dumps coal and iron in favour of diamonds, platinum and copper image
Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Tuesday 16th of February 2016 07:13:00 PM
....“Our core portfolio creates a highly attractive, competitive and well balanced business. We will be significantly stronger in the short term with lower overhead and indirect costs. ...
Greek crisis: Syriza rebels break away to form political group image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 21st of August 2015 08:13:48 AM
....But the outgoing deputy finance minister, Tryfon Alexiadis, said only an election could stabilise Greece. He said: “Elections surely have an indirect cost … but they will clear things up so we can move ahead. ...
IMF fuel subsidies are not what they seem image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Sunday 24th of May 2015 05:50:48 PM
.... But the IMF’s idea of “subsidies” to fossil fuels refers to something completely different. They have taken the indirect costs to society of using energy – air pollution, traffic congestion, climate change – and, if governments haven’t imposed special taxes on one, called it a “subsidy”. ...
Pick up some of the £1bn litter bill, MPs to tell businesses image
Source : Independent [Read Article] Sunday 4th of January 2015 12:00:00 AM
.... He said it was too soon to judge what financial burden could be transferred to the private sector, but a committee source said these businesses could "absolutely" end up footing a significant part of the current £1bn clean-up costs. Keep Britain Tidy has estimated that indirect costs, such as the impact on health, property values, and encouraging crime, cost the economy an additional £3bn. ...

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