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.... Among them was Rolls-Royce, which posted hefty losses as a result of penalties imposed in January this year by Brazilian, UK and US authorities. The World Cup and Olympics have also been sucked into the mire with fraud investigations now focused on six out of the 12 stadiums used in 2014 and 2016. ... [Read full article on Guardian ]
Thursday 1st of June 2017 04:30:45 AM
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....”. This rings true for photographer Sarah Hawkins* who was contacted by HMRC in 2011 after the accountancy firm she used was targeted in a fraud investigation. ... [Read full article on Guardian ]
Friday 26th of May 2017 06:00:04 AM
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'I lived in fear of brown envelopes': being chased by the taxman image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 26th of May 2017 06:00:04 AM
....”. This rings true for photographer Sarah Hawkins* who was contacted by HMRC in 2011 after the accountancy firm she used was targeted in a fraud investigation. ...
Airbus chief in Eurofighter fraud probe image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 26th of April 2017 07:47:50 PM
. Vienna prosecutors have named Airbus chief executive Tom Enders as one of the targets of a fraud investigation. ...
Speedboat among £5.1m of assets seized in tax fraud investigation image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 5th of April 2017 06:53:57 PM
....1m) worth of assets – including luxury cars, a speedboat and properties – from an Anglo-Dutch couple accused of running a multinational tax avoidance scheme. Dozens of officers raided the couple’s homes in Macclesfield, the Netherlands and Austria in a complex international tax fraud investigation. ...
UK's super rich appear to get special deal from HMRC, says watchdog image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 27th of January 2017 12:01:11 AM
....However, the report found HMRC had a “dismal record” when it came to prosecuting the very wealthy for tax fraud in the criminal courts. In the five years to 31 March 2016, it completed just 72 fraud investigations into high net-worth individuals, with all but two having been dealt with using its civil powers. ...
Sage employee arrested in fraud probe image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of August 2016 08:38:57 PM
....A 32-year-old employee at software firm Sage has been arrested at Heathrow airport, police have said. City of London police said the woman was arrested on Wednesday in connection with a fraud investigation and has since been bailed. ...

Police probe over possible Heathrow security pass scam
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Wednesday 10th of August 2016 01:39:20 PM
....The pair, aged 20 and 24, from Surrey, were detained on August 3 on suspicion of money laundering and fraud after money was taken from a bank account. It is understood the fraud investigation then triggered the inquiry into airside passes. ...
Serious Fraud Office boss gets two more years in the job despite Libor case failure image
.... Meanwhile, the SFO asked the Government for more “blockbuster funding” last month to tide it over until the end of the financial year. The organisation expects to spend almost £65m this year, almost twice its initial budget, on complex and serious fraud investigations. ...
HMRC admits to winding up inquiry into HSBC tax evasion claims image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 13th of January 2016 07:38:51 PM
....It comes just days after reports emerged that HSBC would not face formal action from the City regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. Simon York, the director of HMRC’s fraud investigation service, told MPs that the data had been exhausted. ...
Barclaycard won’t help after I was overcharged in Vietnam image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 18th of October 2015 06:01:04 AM
.... It said: “We are trying very hard to resolve this issue for TT and have made representations to the merchant’s processing bank with details of the case. “We are waiting for their response and, at the same time, our fraud investigation team is also urgently looking into this issue. ...
VW 'was warned over illegal tests' image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 27th of September 2015 11:47:44 AM
....Canada: Environmental Agency investigating some 100,000 Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars. Norway and India opening fraud investigations. ...
VW models sale halted in Switzerland image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Saturday 26th of September 2015 12:58:38 AM
....Canada: Environmental Agency investigating some 100,000 Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars. Norway and India opening fraud investigations. ...
SFO chief admits agency's future is in doubt image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 6th of August 2015 06:14:56 PM
....”. Green claimed the independence of the SFO, the multiple disciplines in its workforce, and the fact it is able to prioritise complex fraud investigations over other crimes mean it is uniquely placed to take on cases often involving “immensely powerful and influential companies”. ...
GSK investigator freed from Chinese jail image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Tuesday 9th of June 2015 11:59:10 AM
.... The couple’s son, Harvey Humphrey, also expressed concern that family and consular officials were denied access to the trial. Peter Humphrey, a former Reuters journalist and longtime China resident, set up the consultancy ChinaWhys with his wife in 2003 to conduct fraud investigations and due diligence for international companies. ...
'Why did my Vodafone bill go from £33 to £251?' image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Thursday 28th of May 2015 10:55:28 AM
.... When you returned to England, you reported the matter to the police and to Vodafone via a different operator as a fraud. This time a bar was put on the phone and a fraud investigation set up. ...
Spain corruption case another blow for Rajoy image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 28th of April 2015 03:12:54 AM
. It was a sight most Spaniards never imagined they would ever see: former economy minister and IMF chief Rodrigo Rato gingerly stepping into a police car following his arrest as part of a money laundering and tax fraud investigation. ...
EU probes fraud claim over Lyon-Turin rail project image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 9th of February 2015 06:46:22 PM
.... . In a statement to the BBC, Olaf said there was no set termination date for the fraud investigation. ...
Ex-Tesco chief Terry Leahy blames woes on successor Philip Clarke’s weak strategy image
....”. However, he suggested that one of the most devastating periods in the supermarket’s history could be coming to an end after the uncovering of a £263m accountancy black hole which is the subject of a fraud investigation. ...
Online banking fraud up 71pc despite rise of log-in gadgets image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Friday 12th of September 2014 11:42:56 AM
.... . Financial Fraud Action UK, an industry body, said fraudsters have been tricking victims into revealing their online banking passwords and personal information through posing on the phone as someone from a bank or building society fraud investigation team. ...
The security group that guards the City's elite image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Saturday 19th of July 2014 04:00:27 PM
.... . After leaving the North West Regional Crime Squad, he worked in corporate fraud investigations, started several small security firms, selling one to Pinkertons – the national detective agency. ...
I lost £17,500 in 'vishing' scam - because 'I didn't watch The One Show' image
.... . Susan Sinclair, 66, from Pitton near Salisbury, was targeted on April 4 with a call purportedly from the "Visa fraud investigation" department. ...
Two more guilty of record boiler room fraud image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 4th of June 2014 04:57:13 PM
....". Six individuals were sentenced to between three and seven years in custody in May 2013 as a result of the same SFO boiler room fraud investigation. ...
GlaxoSmithKline is facing more than double jeopardy image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Saturday 31st of May 2014 01:56:49 PM
.... The third, and potentially most worrying is the prospect of the US prosecutors getting involved. As set out in the SFO handbook, the UK has historically respected the principal of double jeopardy even in grey areas such as international fraud investigations. ...
Glaxo China bribery allegations - timeline image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Wednesday 14th of May 2014 06:00:59 AM
.... . Ten individuals are detained in relation to the scandal, including a British consultant who specialises in fraud investigations in China, Peter Humphrey. ...
James Moore: Smartphone punt shows there’s life in Tesco yet, but there are challenges ahead image
.... Profit warnings are a nasty business, especially when you have to tell your investors that your earnings will be 20 per cent lower than they’d been expecting. But they hardly compare with fraud investigations for tagging dead prisoners (Serco, G4S) and the reputational hit that accompanies them. ...
Men held over Vatican Bank 'three trillion euro bond fraud' image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 30th of March 2014 03:03:44 PM
....The bank - officially called the Institute for the Works of Religion - runs thousands of private accounts held by cardinals, bishops and religious orders all over the world. The two suspects were later released pending further investigation, Financial Guard police officer Davide Cardia told AP news agency, as Italian law does not require arrest for fraud investigations. ...

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