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If big business is to thrive, it needs a strong welfare state | Phil McDuff image
.... Taking NICs out of the equation would give firms the financial room to raise wages, and enforcing minimum income standards would give them the incentive to pass the tax break back on to workers, rather than simply banking it offshore. If all our late capitalist system has to offer is a race to the bottom on wages and the privatisation of state services, isn’t it time to ask what the point of it is? Why are we cutting living standards to the bone and putting LGBT kids on the street to preserve a system that delivers payday loans instead of pay rises? If the wealthy want us to believe that their desired flexible market economies deliver growth for all, they need to start delivering. ...
Tobacco and fossil fuels lose out as investors opt for more ethical industries image
....Paul Smith, from Australian Ethical, said ethical investing was growing because of greater awareness and because it made more financial sense. “Ethical investing is becoming more sophisticated with more flexible marketing and bringing new products to reach a more socially and environmentally aware populace,” he said. ...

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