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.... But what happens next? “There is a little bit of seller’s remorse that occurs. You’ve spent years building a business, and it is your baby,” says Stephen Chandler, co-founder of email security company MessageLabs, which was sold to Symantec in 2008 for $700m (£550m). ... [Read full article on Guardian ]
Wednesday 30th of August 2017 06:00:22 AM
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'They kept us stewing, then came euphoria': how to sell your business image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 30th of August 2017 06:00:22 AM
.... But what happens next? “There is a little bit of seller’s remorse that occurs. You’ve spent years building a business, and it is your baby,” says Stephen Chandler, co-founder of email security company MessageLabs, which was sold to Symantec in 2008 for $700m (£550m). ...
Electronic voting image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 29th of May 2017 11:29:41 PM
.... Many older machines, some used in the US, are "more easy to subvert". However, security software company Symantec says individual voters are not at any real risk, and it has not seen a single incident of external attackers interfering with voters. ...
You sent how much?! image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 29th of September 2016 11:04:27 PM
....Some smaller companies targeted have gone bust as a result. "Criminals have realised that hitting businesses rather than individuals can mean much bigger wins," says Orla Cox, director of security response at cyber security specialist Symantec. ...
Tech Talent image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 18th of September 2016 11:00:39 PM
....Specialisms: Cybersecurity, business software, data analytics. Foreign-owned firms: Nvidia, Microsoft, Symantec, Wipro. ...
Pursuing the pirates image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 8th of September 2016 11:01:27 PM
.... This makes them easier hacking targets when they eventually do connect to the internet. "An insecure inventory and loading-bills database is akin to drawing these pirates a treasure map," says Sian John, chief strategist for the area with Symantec, a cybersecurity firm. ...
Asian companies have world's worst cybersecurity says study image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 24th of August 2016 10:59:11 PM
....On a consumer level, personal information can be used for fraudulent purposes. More than 500 million digital identities were stolen or exposed last year, an earlier report by security company Symantec suggests. ...
'Project Sauron' malware hidden for five years image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 9th of August 2016 10:19:39 AM
....It can disguise itself as benign files and does not operate in predictable ways, making it harder to detect. Experts from Kaspersky Lab and Symantec said it allows the attacker to spy on infected computers. ...
The Crusader's guide to foil hackers who target mobile and TV weak links image
Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Wednesday 2nd of March 2016 12:01:00 AM
.... . Yet 36 per cent of UK customers use personal finance and banking apps, according to security expert Symantec’s consumer business Norton. ...
Parents, is it OK to spy on your child's online search history? image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 5th of November 2015 07:15:03 AM
.... I say she’s a teenage role model | Deborah Orr. Recent research [pdf] commissioned for Norton by Symantec, a provider of antivirus and security software, shows that 46% of British parents worry that they don’t know what their children are doing online. ...
The Crusader: Hard to credit company's silence image
Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Monday 26th of October 2015 09:37:00 AM
....Now might be a good time for Eric to review his computer protection. “Consumers need to ensure the security they purchase goes beyond anti-virus,” advises Nick Shaw, general manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa with cyber security specialist Norton by Symantec. ...
Windows 10 launch - as it happened image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Wednesday 29th of July 2015 05:00:19 PM
.... Above: The team that works on the Windows Feedback app . Cyber security firm Norton by Symantec has weighed in on the security of the new operating system, claiming that although Windows 10 will bring with it new security features, many of them are either largely Enterprise-focused (eg. ...
The hotel concierge goes hi-tech image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 1st of June 2015 11:21:58 PM
.... This follows a separate data breach in 2013. In Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report, published in April, hospitality featured in the top 10 industries affected, both by incident and numbers breached. ...
New search engine from Waterfox founder aims to take a punch at Google image
.... . Kontos, now 20, conceived the business model with venture capitalist Andrew Crossland, who has invested in the project, and the company’s new chief executive, Kevin Taylor, former CEO of internet security giant Symantec. ...
Cyber criminals breaking into networks and turning them against companies image
Source : Independent [Read Article] Tuesday 14th of April 2015 10:39:03 AM
....Large companies are letting hackers in and companies will inevitably be hacked, claims a new report. Five out of six large companies were targeted by hackers, up 40 per cent from the year before, according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report. ...
HP seals biggest deal since Autonomy disaster image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Monday 2nd of March 2015 07:02:08 PM
.... . Online retailer eBay and software group Symantec are also preparing to split in two as investors urge companies to become more agile and chase growth in a low interest rate environment. ...
Apple faces $533m iTunes patent payout image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 25th of February 2015 01:13:07 PM
....Earlier this month, Samsung was ordered to pay Rembrandt IP $15. 7m for infringing two Bluetooth-related patents, and security firm Symantec was told to pay Intellectual Ventures $17m for using two anti-malware inventions it owned. ...
Gadgets that may end era of the insurance postcode lottery image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Saturday 6th of December 2014 05:00:10 PM
.... For this wealth of personal data to be of any use, users and insurers will have to trust the technology. A study by security group Symantec earlier this year found that one in five wearable devices on the market transmit passwords with no encryption. ...
Regin, new computer spyware, discovered by Symantec image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 23rd of November 2014 06:32:53 PM
.... . Symantec says the bug, named Regin, was probably created by a government and has been used for six years against a range of targets around the world. ...
Corporate divorces are hard, but are often worth the pain image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Thursday 30th of October 2014 03:52:31 PM
.... The company will spin off its rapidly-growing PayPal payments arm, with the aim of making it faster and more targeted. Hewlett-Packard and Symantec will also be looking for these sorts of results, under their own plans to splinter. ...
Symantec latest company to split in two image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 10th of October 2014 03:18:04 AM
. US software maker Symantec is the latest tech company to announce that it will split its operations into two. ...
Home Depot: 56 million credit cards compromised image
Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 19th of September 2014 12:11:18 AM
....The breach was revealed on 2 September by the security website Krebs on Security, which said that all 2,200 of Home Depot's US stores could have been affected. The chain, which did not confirm the data breach until 8 September, said that security groups Symantec and FishNet Security were brought in to investigate the possible hacking as soon it became known. ...
Apple’s ambitions are being curtailed by US and Chinese rivalry image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Thursday 7th of August 2014 06:26:38 PM
.... It has responded to the US government crackdown on Huawei and ZTE with eye-for-an-eye vigour, going against the grain of globalisation by seeding some kind of technological nationalism. Beijing has banned government officials from buying antivirus software from American companies such as Symantec Corporation and Kaspersky Lab, and blacklisted Microsoft’s Windows 8 software for use in low-energy computers. ...
China bans officials from buying Apple products image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Wednesday 6th of August 2014 04:17:38 PM
.... . More recently, China has warned government officials not to buy antivirus software from Symantec Corporation and Kaspersky Lab, the US technology companies. ...
Don't use Internet Explorer, warns US government image
Source : Telegraph [Read Article] Monday 28th of April 2014 01:58:31 PM
.... . Cyber security firm Symantec said it had carried out tests that confirmed the vulnerability crashes Internet Explorer on Windows XP. ...
Next target for cyber hackers could be your smart TV, says anti-virus chief image
.... It’s good news, however, for Kaspersky Lab. Fourth in global anti-virus vendors behind Symantec’s Norton, Intel-owned McAfee and Japan’s Trend Micro, the company now has annual revenues of about $700m (£417m). ...
Windows XP users face end to Microsoft support  image
Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 7th of April 2014 11:00:15 PM
....". Orla Cox, a senior manager at cyber-defence firm Symantec's security response unit, said criminals groups were likely to hoard the XP vulnerabilities they knew about rather than use them to bolster malware being spammed out to millions of people. ...

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