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The U-turn generation: have British teenagers stopped learning to drive?

Published on Tuesday 11th of July 2017 02:21:09 PM in Guardian

For decades it has been a rite of passage as vital to the nation’s young people as dramatic heartbreak and puking outside pubs. But is the tradition of learning to drive aged 17 running out of fuel? Statistics from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency show ...

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    .... The prime minister had told a nurse during an election campaign TV appearance “there’s no magic money tree,” when asked about the cap. Average weekly earnings for public sector staff were £511 in June, compared with £506 in the private sector during the same month, according to the ONS. ...
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    .... After that I may or may not get another job in the same town, but I’m not so attached to it that I’d want to stay if there wasn’t the compelling reason of a job. I have £280,000 invested offshore (a combination of life savings and proceeds from the sale of a flat) which is earning capital growth of £2,000 a month. ...
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    UK prices rising faster than wages as forecasters predict inflation at 2.8% image
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    ....Wages, though, are not keeping pace. City economists predict that Wednesday’s labour market statistics will show that average earnings, excluding bonuses, rose by 2. ...
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    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 6th of September 2017 10:00:28 AM
    .... Navient doesn’t just service federal loans, it has a hand in nearly every aspect of the student loan system. It has bought up private student loans, both servicing them and earning interest off of them. ...
    Need more space? UFO-shaped home goes up for sale in New Zealand image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 6th of September 2017 03:36:13 AM
    Help-to-buy scheme aids some buyers, but boosts builders even more | Nils Pratley image
    ....The clause suggests somebody at Bell Pottinger was dimly aware of the risk in running a campaign that stirred racial tensions and was deemed unethical and unprofessional by industry trade body, the Public Relations and Communications Agency. How, though, did Bell Pottinger ever expect to make a claim? Quantifying the lost earnings would be almost impossible and, as the firm is now discovering, exposure was bound to cause a stampede to the exit by clients. ...
    UK’s economic model is broken, says Archbishop of Canterbury image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Tuesday 5th of September 2017 06:26:34 PM
    ....The report by the IPPR thinktank’s commission on economic justice, which features senior business and public figures alongside Welby, stressed that all political parties needed to reject the current patterns of economic growth that delivered most of the gains to corporations and the richest in society. It said the situation had worsened in recent years as workers struggled to make ends meet after the longest period of earnings stagnation for 150 years. ...
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    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 4th of September 2017 06:01:05 AM
    ....2tn) in company profits worldwide could be erased by taxes required to meet the Paris climate agreement, according to analysis by Schroders. In a stark warning to investors to back more sustainable companies, the fund management group said total earnings of 12,500 global companies could fall by 20% were the world to limit itself to the 2C temperature rise target agreed in Paris through higher taxes. ...

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