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German business leaders urge Tories to rethink plan to leave single market

Published on Friday 19th of May 2017 11:09:20 AM in Guardian

German industrialists have warned that British hopes of their support in Brexit negotiations are misplaced and could backfire with dangerous consequences for international trade.Business leaders in Europe’s biggest economy are instead calling on Conservatives to rethink their commitment to leaving the single market, even though the ...

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    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 22nd of June 2017 11:01:36 AM
    ....Britain’s vote to leave the EU has squeezed living standards, hit consumer spending and dampened the country’s growth prospects, a Guardian analysis of economic news over the year since the referendum shows. One year since voters narrowly opted for Brexit, the Guardian’s monthly tracker of economic news paints a gloomy picture, with households facing rising costs and firms fretting over falling demand and political uncertainty. ...
    British farmers warn loss of EU workers will see strawberry prices soar image
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    ....Signs of a deepening rift on the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee have emerged after Threadneedle Street’s chief economist revealed he seriously considered opposing the governor, Mark Carney, and voting for an interest rate rise earlier this month. Just 24 hours after Carney said the state of the economy and the uncertainty caused by Brexit meant borrowing costs should stay on hold, Andy Haldane said it would be prudent to tighten policy before the end of the year. ...
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    ....But analysts said this still meant the government would fail to meet its previous plan of reducing the deficit in every year of the parliament, with the gap between government income and spending heading towards £58bn, compared with £47bn last year. The economy has slowed dramatically since the start of the year as the prospect of Brexit negotiations unnerved businesses and the lower value of the pound fed through into increased inflation, causing living standards to fall. ...
    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick should have gone years ago | Nils Pratley image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 21st of June 2017 10:01:21 AM
    ....It’s a legitimate concern, but Carney’s position is more persuasive to this column’s mind. For starters, the impact of the Brexit negotiations on business confidence is unknown, but is unlikely to be positive. ...
    Record low interest rates send house prices SOARING for homeowners image
    Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Wednesday 21st of June 2017 12:01:00 AM
    ....“. However prices are under pressure from the political and economic uncertainty of Brexit and the fallout from the disastrous General Election result for the Conservative Party. ...
    SFO has clear public interest in pursuing Barclays case | Nils Pratley image
    ....It’s one thing for colleagues to have a dig at Boris Johnson, but it seems the foreign secretary is now also fair game for the governor of the Bank of England. “Before long, we will all begin to find out the extent to which Brexit is a gentle stroll along a smooth path to a land of cake and consumption,” said Mark Carney. ...
    Carmakers call for interim Brexit deal or risk falling off 'cliff edge' image
    ....Carmakers have called on ministers to keep the UK in the EU single market and customs union for at least five years or risk permanent damage to the industry. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders told the government on Tuesday it was time to be pragmatic and honest about what could be achieved and secure an interim agreement in Brexit negotiations. ...
    Philip Hammond says Brexit deal must put jobs and prosperity first image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Tuesday 20th of June 2017 08:41:04 AM
    . A Brexit deal that puts jobs and prosperity first is the only way the UK will be able to deliver the strong growth that will enable it finally to escape from the long years of austerity, the chancellor has said. ...
    Bank of England says interest rates should be kept on hold amid Brexit uncertainty image
    . Fears that the start of Brexit negotiations will damage the economy mean that interest rates should remain at their record-low level, the governor of the Bank of England has said. ...
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    . Business group the CBI has warned the UK economy will shift down a gear as Brexit talks get under way and households are squeezed by rising prices. ...
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    . British negotiators have capitulated to key European demands for a phased approach to Brexit talks, agreeing to park discussions on free trade until they have thrashed out the cost of the multibillion-euro UK divorce settlement. ...
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    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 19th of June 2017 03:47:58 PM
    . An economics professor from the London School of Economics who warned against Brexit has been appointed to the Bank of England’s interest rate-setting committee. ...
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    . Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled plans to recruit 5,000 new engineers over the next year in a boost for British industry as the Brexit talks begin. ...
    UK business groups plead for economy to be put first in Brexit talks image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 18th of June 2017 04:38:33 PM
    . Britain’s biggest business groups have made a joint plea to the government to put the economy first in Brexit talks and to secure a transitional deal that preserves access to the European single market. ...
    European commission to crack down on offshore tax avoidance image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 18th of June 2017 03:18:15 PM
    ....Trident Corporate Services, which has offices in London’s Portland Place and was linked to 8,500 offshore entities, is the third largest and the first in a string of middlemen whose names are largely unknown outside the world of offshore companies. “If we go for a softer Brexit, as now seems more likely, these rules would apply in the UK,” said a Green MEP for south-west England and Gibraltar, Molly Scott Cato. ...
    Why the political uncertainty won't shake house price foundations   image
    Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Sunday 18th of June 2017 09:46:00 AM
    ....Last week, estate agents Your Move reported that the number of sales in Greater London fell 29 per cent in the three months to the end of April, further shredding nerves. Some may like to blame electoral and Brexit uncertainty, but they would be wrong. ...
    Brexiters have voted for a poverty even worse than austerity image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 18th of June 2017 06:00:04 AM
    . When I suggested before the election that an ideal outcome would be a hung parliament and a coalition to think again on Brexit, I was certainly not thinking of the DUP. ...
    Big business leaders press Theresa May to rethink hard Brexit image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 18th of June 2017 03:48:03 AM
    . Senior business figures have heaped further pressure on Theresa May to change course for a softer Brexit in the wake of the election, amid fresh warnings of the impact of immigration controls and leaving the single market. ...
     Five minute guide to making mobile calls in the UK image
    Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Sunday 18th of June 2017 12:01:00 AM
    ....” . Some fear Britons could lose their right to free EU roaming after Brexit takes force in 2019. ...
    What’s the best pet for a six-year-old? image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 17th of June 2017 06:00:31 AM
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