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NHS cyber-attack: More ransomware cases 'likely on Monday'

Published on Sunday 14th of May 2017 06:41:08 PM in BBC

More ransomware cases may come to light on Monday, possibly on "a significant scale", the UK's cyber-security agency has warned after a global cyber-attack.The National Cyber Security Centre has advised firms how to protect computers as they start the working week.It comes after Friday's attack caused ...

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    . Energy companies are lobbying the Conservative party to water down its policy of a price cap on bills, with proposals that would protect millions fewer UK households from tariff rises. ...
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    ....Many reports have suggested that when presented with individual Labour policies – in what one might call a “blind tasting” – respondents have been much more enthusiastic than when the names of Corbyn and some of his colleagues come up. One peculiarity of this campaign is that policies such as caps on the charges made by energy suppliers were derided by the Conservatives when propagated by Corbyn’s predecessor, Ed Miliband, but have now been brazenly filched by Theresa May. ...
    How workable – and how expensive – might Labour’s renationalisations be? image
    ....Labour has outlined plans to bring the rail, water and energy supply industries back into public ownership. Royal Mail will also be nationalised as part of a manifesto pledge to reverse some of the high-profile privatisations pushed through by the Conservatives in the 1980s and 90s, and by the more recent coalition government. ...
    Paul Polman: ‘I could boost Unilever shares. But cutting costs is not our way’ image
    ....Governments are listening. You won’t find the word “Unilever” in last week’s Conservative manifesto but the passage on reforms to rules on takeovers and mergers almost nodded at the Kraft saga, which illustrated the government’s lack of formal powers of intervention. ...
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    .... And there are a lot better ways of finding money for elderly care than Theresa May’s manifesto commitment to whipping the houses off people who need care at home. Under the Conservative’s plan, people needing either domiciliary (aka at-home) or residential care will have to pay for everything until the value of their assets, including their home, is down to £100,000. ...
    Winter fuel allowance: What the Tory Manifesto pledge REALLY means for you image
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    ....However, the payment has long been criticised for paying out to everyone over the age of 64 regardless of whether they need it. In the manifesto the Conservatives say the payment is given "regardless of need, giving money to wealthier pensioners when working people on lower incomes do not get similar support". ...
    Winter fuel allowance: Will I still get my winter fuel payment under a Tory government?  image
    .... . The Conservative manifesto released this week said the party will look at Winter Fuel Payments, because it is paid "regardless of need, giving money to wealthier pensioners when working people on lower incomes do not get similar support". ...
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    ....German industrialists have warned that British hopes of their support in Brexit negotiations are misplaced and could backfire with dangerous consequences for international trade. Business leaders in Europe’s biggest economy are instead calling on Conservatives to rethink their commitment to leaving the single market, even though the party has doubled down on this promise in its election manifesto. ...
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    .... The share price of British Gas owner Centrica was up by 2% and SSE was up 1% on Thursday after the Tory manifesto included only a woolly promise to protect “more customers on the poorest-value tariffs”, compared with the 17m households the party had pledged before. The Conservatives also said they would remove the need for planning permission for companies undertaking exploratory shale drilling, and create a new shale regulator to speed up development. ...
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    .... It has also said that an investigation by its lawyers and auditors found no evidence that any director “was aware of the alleged misconduct”. Electoral Commission records show that the Conservatives raised more than £4. ...
    Serious Fraud Office under threat from Tory plans image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 18th of May 2017 12:24:06 PM
    . The Conservatives have rekindled a previous attempt by Theresa May to dismantle the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the party's manifesto reveals. ...
    British shoppers go on spring spree – but the outlook may be chillier | Larry Elliott image
    .... That looks about right and fits with the general picture of an economy that is not about to plunge into recession but is not exactly firing on all cylinders either. The Conservative manifesto has much to say about consumer protection. ...
    Conservative manifesto: Theresa May targets mainstream Britain' image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of May 2017 09:26:25 PM
    ....Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a "mainstream government that would deliver for mainstream Britain". Launching the Conservative manifesto, Mrs May said a strong economy and delivering Brexit were top priorities. ...

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