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April cold weather could cause a shortage of British fruit, say farmers

Published on Sunday 14th of May 2017 02:19:31 PM in Guardian

Cold weather in April could lead to a shortage of British apples, pears and plums, farmers have warned.Alison Capper, chairman of the National Farmers’ Union horticulture board, said she feared her own apple harvest, which includes varieties such as Gala, Braeburn and Red Windsor apples, could ...

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    .... . Keith Anderson, Scottish Power's chief corporate officer, said the firm's success was evidence of the UK industry's export potential. ...
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    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 21st of May 2017 01:03:31 PM
    ....Along with other directors, the disgraced former RBS chief executive Fred Goodwin will be forced to defend accusations that investors were misled into buying shares in the Edinburgh-based bank. Barring an eleventh-hour settlement, the case will open in London’s high court and will require top bankers to give evidence in court for the first time since the bank was bailed out with taxpayers’ cash in 2008. ...
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    .... It is a civil case heard before a high court judge without a jury so Goodwin does not face any criminal sanction, but RBS is facing a compensation claim of £520m plus interest – which could take it up to £800m – from the investors. PR expert Mark Borkowski believes the court appearance – Goodwin’s evidence is scheduled for next month – is a moment for the banker to show “chastened humility”. ...
    Sterling's fall buoys UK manufacturers as export orders rise image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 19th of May 2017 01:17:38 PM
    .... The EEF, which represents manufacturing firms, said last week that orders were improving as UK exporters enjoyed an improved competitive position “vis-a-vis the pound depreciation” and global growth picked up strongly from a dip last year. But there is anecdotal evidence that while manufacturers have boosted production, they remain reluctant to increase investment and expand capacity. ...
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    ....2% in 2015. The steepest declines were seen in the 1970s and 80s, as the public reacted to growing evidence that linked smoking to health problems such as heart disease and lung cancer. ...
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    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 19th of May 2017 06:43:38 AM
    ....“The new regulations are a disgraceful attempt to denormalise both the product and legitimate consumers. There’s no evidence they will have the slightest impact on public health. ...
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    ....April's rebound contrasted with March, when sales saw the biggest fall in seven years. "Anecdotal evidence from retailers suggests that good weather contributed to growth," the ONS said. ...
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    ....“That’s now grown to £1,823 which I have been ordered to pay by the Ombudsman. “It told me I had lost my chance of appeal as I had not submitted further evidence. ...
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