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General Election 2017: State pension could be cut by £800 a year under Labour policy

Published on Saturday 13th of May 2017 02:29:00 PM in Daily Express

A government led by Jeremy Corbyn would stop the rise from 66 to 67 between 2026 and 2028, and from 67 to 68 between 2044 and 2046, the leaked Labour manifesto suggests. Amid Britain's ageing population, this would cost an "astronomical" £300billion, said former pension minister ...

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    .... Because politics is colonised by the thoughts of wealthy “meritocrats”, we end up advocating social mobility in unequal systems without thinking about who is going down when the clever are going up. Lots of debate about student debt but barely a squeak about the other half of the country that needs apprenticeships. ...
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    ....Alan Clarke, head of Scotiabank’s European fixed income strategy, said food prices and air fares likely made the most notable gains last month, alongside smaller increases in alcohol costs, restaurant prices and package holidays. One of the main effects of rising inflation has been to cut disposable incomes, which, along with sluggish wages growth and rising debt levels, has meant the biggest decline in consumer confidence in more than two years, according to the Consumer Tracker report from Deloitte. ...
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    ....So how is the repair job going? Well, the good news is that the deficit is now running at only a quarter of its 10% peak. The bad news is that the ratio of national debt to national income – the accumulation of all the deficits racked up down the years – has doubled since the start of the crisis. ...

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