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Germany wants a strong EU. Why would it allow Britain an easy Brexit? | Charles Grant

Published on Wednesday 19th of April 2017 06:52:23 PM in Guardian

Britain has long misread the German attitude to Brexit, with many Tories wrongly assuming that Angela Merkel’s government will be driven by economic self-interest to ensure Britain gets a good deal.The reality is that the German view is strikingly hardline and Theresa May’s decision to call ...

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    . The UK is lobbying Europe to water down a key energy-saving target despite the fact it will not take effect until after Brexit, according to leaked documents that sparked warnings that energy bills could rise and jobs put at risk. ...
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    .... She saw the opportunity of a presidential election in which she would be a handbag-wielding, Brussels-vanquishing Margaret Thatcher figure up against Jeremy Corbyn’s Michael Foot. The idea was to keep the focus on the need to have a “strong” prime minister to deliver Brexit and – as far as possible – divert attention from the government’s less than impressive economic record. ...
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    ....This is clearly a very different sort of general election campaign. Conducted in advance of a Brexit process that will profoundly reshape Britain, the focus is on the nature of the deal and the leadership qualities of those vying to negotiate it. ...
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    ....It seems crazy to argue that the election will be determined by the economy when events have focused the electorate’s attention on national security and the judgment of the main political leaders. Last year’s Brexit vote illustrated many things, among them the propensity of voters to disregard short-term effects on their personal finances in favour of high ideals for a better world, whatever they felt that to be. ...
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    ....28, its lowest in a month and more than two cents below last week’s six-month highs. Many of the UK’s biggest companies earn the majority of their earnings in dollars and have enjoyed a strong surge in earnings since the Brexit vote, which triggered a near 25% fall in the pound before settling at around 15% in recent months. ...
    Student housing tempts wealthy investors image
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    Petrofac's move to appease SFO offers fuel for thought | Nils Pratley image
    ....The cartel can keep trying – but the only thing it has proved so far is the resilience of the US shale industry. City Week is “the premier gathering of the international financial services community”, or so the blurb says, and, no doubt, important people had vital things to say about Brexit, Trump and so on. ...
    Electric bikes help power cycle sales at Halfords image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 25th of May 2017 05:38:37 PM
    ....5% to £75. 4m, largely down to fall in the pound’s value since the Brexit vote, which increased the cost of buying goods from overseas. ...
    EU roaming charges banned from June, plus the rogue buyers exploiting eBay image
    ....The cost of using your phone in Europe will be just the same as at home from June 15. Will Brexit reverse this hard-won victory? Miles Brignall reports. ...
    How has the Brexit vote affected the UK economy? May verdict image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 25th of May 2017 11:15:32 AM
    Apple's Jonathan Ive says immigration vital for UK firms image
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    .... . Some technology firms fear they may lose access to talent after Brexit. ...
    Net migration to the UK falls to 248,000 in 2016 image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 25th of May 2017 09:29:15 AM
    .... . Britain's settlement following departure from the bloc is expected to include restrictions on free movement rules, although the precise arrangements for post-Brexit immigration are yet to be thrashed out. ...
    UK economy slows more than expected as inflation hits spending image
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    . The UK economy slowed even more sharply than first thought in the opening months of this year as rising prices in the wake of the Brexit vote took their toll on consumer spending. ...
    UK car production falls at fastest rate in more than two​-​and​-​a​-​half years image
    ....The drop in car production echoed the trend in new car sales, which fell 20% in April compared with a year earlier, as government cuts to subsidies for green cars and a rise in prices hit demand. The UK car industry backed the remain camp in the run-up to the EU referendum and SMMT members are fearful about possible tariffs being imposed on parts imported from the EU after Brexit. ...
    Dixons Carphone says consumers keep spending image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 24th of May 2017 08:16:44 AM
    ....Dixons now expected annual pre-tax profits to be between £485m to £490m. Chief executive Seb James said Brexit had not changed consumer behaviour. ...
    M&S profits dive by nearly two-thirds as clothing sales slide image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 24th of May 2017 06:59:23 AM
    ....Rowe is facing strong headwinds as he tries to revive M&S’s clothing business. Britons are spending less on clothing at a time when profit margins are being squeezed by the weakness of the pound since the Brexit vote, which is pushing up the cost of imported goods. ...
    Hard Brexit 'could impact Northern Ireland legal profession' image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 24th of May 2017 05:42:52 AM
    . A hard Brexit could have drastic consequences for the legal profession in Northern Ireland, according to the International Bar Association. ...
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    If London subsidises the rest of the UK, where does that leave Scotland? | Nils Pratley image
    ....Yet two conclusions seem clear. First, if Brexit presents challenges for London, with its heavy weighting towards financial services, the problem is the rest of the UK’s too. ...
    Nationwide profits drop 18% as it shields savers from interest rate cuts image
    ....Nationwide Building Society’s profits slumped last year after it shielded savers from the full extent of the Bank of England’s interest rate cuts. As the UK’s largest building society reported a 18% fall in profit to £1bn, its chief executive, Joe Garner, said customers were alert to the economic risks associated with the Brexit negotiations and forecast that house price growth would slow to its lowest pace in four years to 2% in 2017. ...
    Firms pledge to recruit more over-50s image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 23rd of May 2017 11:27:18 AM
    ....3% in this age group, Barclays 17% and the Co-op Group 26%. While it is still uncertain what sort of agreement the next government will strike with the EU over freedom of movement, many employers are concerned about filling skilled and non-skilled jobs after Brexit. ...
    Nationwide profits hit by low interest rates image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 23rd of May 2017 07:20:53 AM
    ....The Bank of England cut its benchmark interest rate to a record low of 0. 25% last summer following the Brexit vote. ...
    No bailout funds for Greece as eurozone finance chiefs fail to agree deal image
    ....A meeting of the eurozone’s 19 finance ministers broke up late on Monday night, amid a row with the International Monetary Fund about Greece’s debt burden. The standoff came just hours after France and Germany pledged to deepen co-operation in the single currency and seize Brexit opportunities for their banking industries. ...
    Forget 'strong and stable' – leadership is about knowing your weaknesses image
    .... Stability should mean agile adjustment to changing circumstances, rather than rigid adherence to a fixed point of view. It’s too early to know whether this is actually what May means when she touts her strong and stable leadership line, but in the face of the mind-bogglingly complex Brexit that lies ahead, one can only hope. ...

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