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Will a snap general election affect your investments?

Published on Wednesday 19th of April 2017 12:00:00 PM in Independent

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    Nicking Labour's energy price cap is not enough – the Tories need specifics | Nils Pratley image
    . The Conservative party’s proposed price cap on energy bills is “very different” from the price freeze advocated by Ed Miliband at the last general election, according to Sir Michael Fallon, the defence secretary and former energy minister. ...
    Minister makes U-turn over £300m business rates relief fund image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 24th of April 2017 06:16:40 PM
    ....The government appears to have performed a weekend U-turn on business rates and says a £300m relief fund to help small businesses worst hit by the shakeup is now available for councils to share out. On Friday the Guardian was told by the Department for Communities and Local Government that although the consultation on how to distribute the money was complete it would require the approval of the new government – signalling a hiatus of several months until after the 8 June general election. ...
    Reacting to technological threats isn't enough – we need to plan for them | Michael Boskin image
    . What do the leaks of unflattering email from the Democratic National Committee’s hacked servers during the 2016 US presidential election campaign and the deafening hour-long emergency warning siren in Dallas, Texas, have in common? It’s the same thing that links the North Korean nuclear threat and terrorist attacks in Europe and the US: all represent the down sides of tremendously beneficial technologies – risks that increasingly demand a robust policy response. ...
    Energy price cap image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 24th of April 2017 11:52:31 AM
    Pensioners’ election REBELLION: Demands for May to look at pension issue for UK's 5MILLION image
    . And campaign groups are getting set to tackle the Conservative party and Labour Party on the doorsteps as campaigning for the June 8 election gets ready to step up a gear. ...
    Disney, the Gap and Pepsi urged to quit US Chamber of Commerce image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 24th of April 2017 11:00:17 AM
    ....“Unfortunately, the US Chamber of Commerce is doing everything it can to block efforts to combat both climate change and anti-smoking laws and regulations. It opposes the Paris Agreement that you publicly support, is suing to block the implementation of the Clean Power Plan, consistently lobbies against legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and spends millions of dollars in money on elections ads urging voters to back candidates who support the fossil fuel industry and oppose efforts to combat climate change,” they write. ...
    Stock markets surge after French election result image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 24th of April 2017 09:34:27 AM
    . Stock markets surged and the euro jumped sharply after centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron won the first round of the weekend’s French presidential election, easing fears of a victory by the far-right Front National. ...
    FTSE 100 up 2% as European stocks rally after French vote image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 24th of April 2017 07:55:14 AM
    ....UK shares joined in a European rally in equities following the first round of France's presidential vote that also sparked a jump in the euro. The FTSE 100 index clawed back some of the losses triggered by last week's announcement of a general election, closing up 2% at 7,264. ...
    General Election 2017: Energy bill cap 'will hit consumers' image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 24th of April 2017 07:29:03 AM
    ....com said that previous interventions in the energy sector had led to lower switching rates and higher prices. If the Conservatives win the election, how might energy regulator Ofgem go about introducing a cap?. ...
    Asking prices for homes rise to record average of £313,655 image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 24th of April 2017 06:00:04 AM
    ....Rightmove said strong numbers of house sales being agreed – at levels not seen since before the credit crunch – have helped to keep pushing asking prices upwards. Miles Shipside, director of Rightmove, said there were signs of a “strong spring market”, which should help to offset any jitters in the market before the general election on 8 June. ...
    Inflation puts the brakes on Britain's economic activity image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 24th of April 2017 06:00:04 AM
    .... The Office for National Statistics is due to publish its initial estimate for first quarter GDP on Friday. Brexit and the health of the economy will form a central part of the general election campaign waged in the run-up to the snap poll on 8 June. ...
    Bill sets out plan to tackle 'extortionate' UK overdraft fees image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 23rd of April 2017 04:51:46 PM
    ....The household debt to income ratio has grown by 6% in the past year and is now at 145%, which she said “poses a serious risk to our economy”. With the election looming, the bill will not make it into law in this parliament, but if she is re-elected, Reeves wants to reintroduce it either as a private members’ bill or through amending a Treasury or Department for Business, Energy & Industry strategy bill in parliament. ...
    Sir Philip Green could still lose knighthood, says MP image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 23rd of April 2017 03:54:50 PM
    ....“Sir Philip Green remains on the hook,” he said. “When parliament comes back from the election we need to pursue the charge sheet from the Pensions Regulator against him and what the Pensions Regulator got in return,” said Field. ...
    Ding ding! All aboard the ex-Lib Dem minister's solar-powered bus image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 23rd of April 2017 03:53:02 PM
    . Vince Cable and Ed Davey, the former business and energy secretaries respectively, are among the Liberal Democrats that lost their seats in 2015 who are plotting their way back to parliament in this general election. ...
    Whatever the IMF thinks, we are a long way from the boom time of 2007 | Larry Elliott image
    .... Liberal democracy is firmly on the back foot. There has been an increase in the number of people who like the idea of a strong leader who does not have to bother with parliament and elections. ...
    What does the snap election mean for your finances? image
    Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Sunday 23rd of April 2017 01:10:00 PM
    .... . Kathleen Brooks, research director at City Index Direct, says holidaymakers should look forward to further strengthening: “The pound looks good as we head towards the election and could have further to go on the upside. ...
    Tories accused of stealing Labour's energy price cap promise image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 23rd of April 2017 11:26:37 AM
    ....Theresa May should give Labour a round of applause for highlighting the scandal of rip-off gas and electricity bills, the former shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint has said after senior Conservatives confirmed their manifesto will include an energy price cap. Capping utility bills was a key policy in Labour’s 2015 general election manifesto, but was rubbished by David Cameron as evidence that Ed Miliband wanted to live in a “Marxist universe”. ...
    Packing a punch image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Sunday 23rd of April 2017 06:58:24 AM
    .... . At the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado last summer, when asked whom he planned to vote for in the presidential election, he dismissed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in favour of someone closer to home. ...
    A hasty election before Britain sees the hard truth of Brexit image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 23rd of April 2017 05:59:05 AM
    ....Sadly, he wasn’t. Theresa May’s repeated denials of an intention to call a snap election had gone the way of so many of her inconsistent and often fatuous pronouncements. ...
    HS2 is on its way but bid troubles and snap election could still derail project image
    ....Royal assent in February gave HS2 Ltd the full legal, financial and planning powers to build the first half of a railway that the government claims will transform travel between London, the Midlands and, eventually, the north of England, create 25,000 jobs and help rebalance the UK’s precarious economy. Yet controversy over contract awards, and now the calling of a snap election, has threatened more uncertainty and delay. ...
    Snap election delays £300m relief package for small businesses image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 22nd of April 2017 09:48:24 AM
    . Thousands of small businesses hit hardest by the recent changes to business rates in the UK have been dealt a fresh blow after a £300m relief package promised in the budget was waylaid by the general election. ...
    UK bank launches cheapest ever mortgage rate at 0.89% but there's a MAJOR catch image
    ....Aside from the hefty lump sum to secure it, there is a chance the SVR could rise which could leave borrowers at risk from higher repayments. David Hollingworth, Associate Director Communications, at L&C Mortgages, said: “It’s so hard to tell what will happen with interest rates as there are other things in the mix with an election and Brexit on the horizon. ...
    UK retail surge since Brexit vote comes to an end image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 01:11:30 PM
    ....A dry spell for the housing market – which has had almost a year of lacklustre sales, according to surveyors’ body Rics – was blamed for a steep fall in sales of household goods and furniture. The slump comes as the political parties fire their opening salvoes in the general election campaign. ...
    General election: May says Tories will keep 0.7% aid target - politics live image
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    Reactor goes here ... the £18bn Hinkley Point C starts to take shape image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 01:05:27 PM
    ....Politics. The unexpected election of a Labour government would likely have little impact – the party supports new nuclear power stations – but the French presidential election could. ...
    Philip Hammond signals ditching of Tory 'no tax rise' pledge image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 12:58:04 PM
    ....But they could help the Conservatives attract centre-ground voters. Insiders told the Guardian that senior Tories believe they could lose 10 to 15 seats to the Liberal Democrats in the snap June general election. ...
    Inquiry into Murdoch's Sky deal delayed until after general election image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 11:30:59 AM
    ....An investigation by the UK media regulator into Rupert Murdoch’s £11. 7bn takeover of Sky has been delayed until after the general election. ...
    Government extends Sky takeover inquiry image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 11:29:35 AM
    ....The government has given regulators more time to investigate the proposed takeover of broadcaster Sky by 21st Century Fox. The Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport, Karen Bradley, said she had extended the deadline because of the forthcoming general election. ...
    High heels row: Petition for work dress code law rejected image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 10:29:08 AM
    ....". Ms Miller said she hoped the next government, which will be voted in at the election on 8 June, would "monitor how this changes women's experiences of the workplace". ...
    US discriminating against Chinese firms, says TCL boss image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 08:42:08 AM
    . The chief executive of one of China's biggest companies has accused the US of discrimination and protectionism since the election of President Donald Trump. ...
    UK government drops plan to raise probate fees image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 08:17:01 AM
    . The government has dropped plans to sharply increase probate fees before the election, raising the possibility that the proposals could be dropped altogether. ...
    M&S share rise fails to lift FTSE 100 image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 08:12:14 AM
    ...."The FTSE has obviously had a terrible week - although corporate earnings have been somewhat of a mixed bag. The snap election, while providing medium term stability for Brexit negotiations, has created some short term market uncertainty," said Mark Ward, head of execution trading at Sanlam Securities. ...
    How can I bring back some joy to my lunches for under £2.50 a day? image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 21st of April 2017 06:00:11 AM
    . Every week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and it’s up to you to help him or her out – a selection of the best answers will appear in next Saturday’s paper. ...
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    Nasdaq hits new high on tax cut hopes image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 20th of April 2017 11:46:41 PM
    ....8 points. US stocks have been under pressure over the past month or so as the Trump economic agenda has languished and fears about Syria, North Korea and the French presidential election have mounted. ...
    Car insurance premiums jumped by 8% in past year image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 20th of April 2017 11:06:56 PM
    ....That change came into effect a month ago. Rob Cummings of the ABI said called on whichever party wins the election to take steps to cut the cost of car insurance. ...
    Yorkshire Building Society launches record low 0.89% mortgage rate image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 20th of April 2017 11:01:02 PM
    ....Mohammad Jamei, the CML’s senior economist, said there had been a shift in lending towards first-time buyer and remortgage customers in recent months, and away from home movers and buy-to-let landlords. He added that the general election in June was not expected to have a marked effect on the mortgage market. ...
    The Guardian view on the IMF: a global institution in an age of protection | Editorial image
    .... It thinks that the economy surfed through the second half of 2016 on a wave of consumer credit, but will still suffer longer-term damage. This will be reflected in the fund’s annual health check on the UK, which was due to take place next month but has been delayed by the general election to later in the year. ...
    World Bank chief echoes Bill Gates's warning to Theresa May on aid image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 20th of April 2017 05:22:34 PM
    ....May is under pressure from the Tory right, Ukip and Conservative-supporting papers to cut aid spending. She pointedly refused this week to say she would keep to the commitment in the event of winning the forthcoming general election, prompting strong speculation that it will be abandoned. ...
    Green Investment Bank sell-off described as a disaster by critics image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 20th of April 2017 03:22:54 PM
    ....”. Ed Davey, former Liberal Democrat secretary for energy and climate change, said: “Selling the Green Investment Bank is environmentally irresponsible, and on the eve of an election is politically dubious. ...
    ENERGY PRICE WARNING: Fury as firms hit customers with sneaky £400 HIKES  image
    Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Thursday 20th of April 2017 11:36:00 AM
    ....And she is said to have a plan to introduce measures that would force the big six to stop with their expensive tariffs. Mrs May told the Conservative party spring conference in Cardiff on March 17 that she was going to clamp down - in what many see as an early election pledge. ...
    Euro hits three-week high and French shares jump as election looms – as it happened image
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    London shares stagnate in shade of UK election campaign image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 20th of April 2017 07:38:55 AM
    UK gas and electricity customers face price rise double whammy image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 20th of April 2017 05:59:19 AM
    ....In March Theresa May said her government was preparing to intervene in Britain’s energy market to weaken the influence of the big six providers and to stop the poorest families being forced on to the most expensive tariffs. Experts had expected a move on Monday, but the calling of the general election means that it will have to be part of the Conservative election manifesto instead. ...
    Green Investment Bank to be sold off in £2.3bn deal image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 19th of April 2017 08:54:43 PM
    ....The privatisation of the bank was expected in January but signoff was delayed in the face of stiff political opposition and wrangling over the final price. Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election and political concerns that the deadlock could become a campaign issue may have broken the stalemate. ...
    IMF shifts from dismal to pessimistic, but has a sharper message about inequality | Greg Jericho image
    ....”. Governments ignore inequality at their peril – not only because of the harm it will do to their own election prospects, but also the prospects to the economy. ...
    George Osborne: history will not be kind to a man whose flaws led to Brexit image
    ....Had things turned out differently, George Osborne would now be counting down the days to becoming prime minister. His close friend David Cameron had pledged to stand down before the next general election and a smooth transition was planned. ...
    Germany wants a strong EU. Why would it allow Britain an easy Brexit? | Charles Grant image
    ....Britain has long misread the German attitude to Brexit, with many Tories wrongly assuming that Angela Merkel’s government will be driven by economic self-interest to ensure Britain gets a good deal. The reality is that the German view is strikingly hardline and Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election in June will not change that. ...
    Government cap on energy prices would spark backlash | Nils Pratley image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 19th of April 2017 06:12:57 PM
    .... It’s the minister who will be blamed when prices for consumers have to go up. Mike Ashley and Sir Philip Green may shed few tears, but it’s a shame that Iain Wright, the Labour MP who chairs the business select committee, won’t be standing for re-election to parliament. ...
    Burberry's sales growth slows despite 'exceptional' UK performance image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 19th of April 2017 05:23:32 PM
    .... The relative strength of the dollar during the period also encouraged Americans to shop abroad. Analysts are now concerned that the benefits Burberry has enjoyed from the low value of the pound will disappear given the recent rise in sterling ahead of the UK general election. ...
    Reality Check image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 19th of April 2017 01:31:06 PM
    .... More than a quarter of income tax is paid by the 1% of taxpayers with the highest incomes. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell kicked off his election campaign on Wednesday by talking about increasing taxes on the rich and on corporations. ...
    Gandhi stamps sell for £500,000 image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 19th of April 2017 12:56:41 PM

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