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Food and fuel inflation 'hitting UK supply chain'

Published on Tuesday 18th of April 2017 11:00:38 AM in BBC

Rising food and fuel prices are putting pressure on firms operating in the UK supply chain, an insolvency firm says.Begbies Traynor found almost 22,000 firms were facing "significant financial distress" in sectors such as logistics and wholesale - up by a quarter in the past 12 ...

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    ....The £246m, to be spent over four years on research and innovation in battery technology, is likely to have particular benefits in the automotive sector and renewable energy. The search for an industrial strategy was launched in January by Theresa May, designed to help Britain’s economy after Brexit, garnering more than 1,900 responses from businesses and other organisations in a three-month consultation. ...
    While Hammond looks for a magic money tree, Labour has found one | Larry Elliott image
    .... Since then, tax increases, spending curbs and modest growth have combined to narrow the deficit, but nowhere near as fast as envisaged. Hammond is worried about the economic implications of Brexit but he also knows that Britain faces challenges from a growing, elderly population. ...
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    After the pay furore, the BBC now has a chance to be a beacon for fairness | Will Hutton image
    ....In making a commitment to pay fairness for men and women the BBC found itself living the values it purports to represent. I believe the Brexit vote – and the surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn – was a revolt against too little being done to counter such rotten luck. ...
    British business chief warns against swift US trade deal image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 22nd of July 2017 07:52:58 PM
    ....”. A government spokesman said: “The UK-US working group is dedicated to strengthening our already strong bilateral trade and investment relationship now, and post-Brexit. ...
    The UK’s Brexit negotiators are powered by little more than hope image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 22nd of July 2017 04:00:42 PM
    . Don’t worry, the Brexiters say – when the negotiations reach their nail-biting conclusion, Brussels will cave in. ...
    Burgers and birdwatching? UK retail fights to make shopping a big day out image
    ....“Household debt is very much on the rise, as any positive performance in the retail sector over the last 12 months has nearly entirely been funded by credit,” said James Knightley, ING chief international economist who is a member of the KPMG/Ipsos retail thinktank. “With wage growth continuing to struggle, the uncertainty of Brexit negotiations and current unstable political climate, the spending power of the consumer and their ‘want’ to shop is diminishing and could spell trouble ahead for retailers in the UK,” he continues. ...
    SodaStream gets busy with the fizzy … again image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 22nd of July 2017 08:00:33 AM
    .... At the moment only 1% of British households have one and 15% of owners never replace the gas refill, rendering it useless. But Birnbaum thinks the spending squeeze prompted by the Brexit blow to sterling will give its promise to make water “exciting” renewed appeal to browbeaten consumers. ...
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    .... A reliance on clients like hedge funds, which are clearly out of favour for charging high fees themselves, might also have hurt Goldman,” he said. Dhaval Joshi, chief European investment strategist at BCA Research, said the bond boom had come to an end as the fog around the course of interest rates, made worse by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, intensified. ...
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    . Several hundred banks and companies have contacted German authorities about expanding in Frankfurt, as the city vies to become the EU’s principal financial centre after Brexit. ...
    Bank of America to move some City of London roles to Dublin post-Brexit image
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    .... This should give the chancellor some room for manoeuvre in his autumn budget to ease up on austerity in priority areas like health, social care, policing and housing investment,” he said. “But he will wish to do this in a measured way given the uncertainties around the economic environment as the Brexit process continues and the high initial level of the public debt to GDP ratio. ...
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    . The latest financial institution making plans to relocate jobs away from the UK is Morgan Stanley, which has announced that Frankfurt will become its post-Brexit EU hub, a move that could shift an initial 200 jobs to Germany. ...
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    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 20th of July 2017 02:43:24 PM
    ....“This is a transformational plan. We are at the start of a journey, but what more important time is there than [now], in the face of Brexit, to send a really strong signal that London is and always will be an open and resolutely internationalist city,” she said. ...
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