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What is an ordinary working person? PM's grammar schools report has the answer | Larry Elliot

Published on Wednesday 12th of April 2017 11:01:10 PM in Guardian

All politicians like to think they are in touch with ordinary working people. Harold Wilson teased the blue-blooded Alec Douglas-Home about his inability to connect with ordinary working people ahead of the 1964 election. Margaret Thatcher cited her policy of allowing council tenants to buy their ...

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    ....Polling by YouGov, however, believed to be the first survey of public attitudes towards the plants, found that 62% of people would be unhappy living within five miles of one. The poll, commissioned by the climate change charity 10:10, found that only 24% would be unhappy living near an onshore windfarm, which the Conservative party has stymied with tougher planning rules. ...
    Nuclear power plants may not keep Britain's lights on, say Lib Dems image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Saturday 16th of September 2017 07:00:05 AM
    ....The report also backed an acceleration of renewable energy, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and greater flexibility of the energy system through storage and interconnectors with other countries. The party accused the Conservatives of “unravelling” progress on climate change made by the Lib Dems during the coalition government years. ...
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    ....The calculations come as parliament’s education select committee announced it is to hold hearings next month on value for money in higher education, including the controversial issue of high pay among vice-chancellors and senior academics. “We want to examine to what extent the individual student and the taxpayer receives value for money for this considerable financial investment,” said Robert Halfon, the Conservative MP who chairs the committee. ...
    Lucky us – it’s an offer we can’t refuse from the Murdochs | Marina Hyde image
    ....In one sense, this gambit should appeal to the Tories, coming straight out of their playbook. The Conservatives have specifically devoted the past couple of years to breaking stuff, then informing the country that only they can fix it. ...

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