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Self-driving cars will only work when we accept autonomy is a myth

Published on Friday 7th of April 2017 08:00:05 AM in Guardian

The crash of an Uber Volvo in Tempe, Arizona has dragged a regulatory spotlight back onto self-driving cars. The Uber car, in driverless mode, ended up on its side after being shunted by a Honda that was turning left. Such incidents bring the hype surrounding automotive ...

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    .... The recipients were his seasonal workforce, some of the 3,000 pickers from Bulgaria, Romania and elsewhere who come here each year to get the harvest in, and without whom the business would simply not exist. “I wanted them to know that in the face of the vote for Brexit we would hang together as a family,” he says now, standing amid the mobile homes his workers live in during the summer months. ...
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    .... What I find interesting about the broad thrust of the manifestos of both main parties is that, in their own way, the Conservatives and Labour are slowly abandoning the pretence that we can have Scandinavian levels of public service with US levels of taxation. I am not sure that this applies to the lunatic fringe of Tory Brexiters. ...
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