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Expedia may say ‘no’ when it really means ‘yes’

Published on Monday 20th of March 2017 07:00:30 AM in Guardian
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  • In January I tried to book a £1,600 holiday using Expedia. When I came to pay, the screen jumped back to the home page. This happened a couple of times. I was not given a booking confirmation number, as is usual, nor did I receive an ...

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    ....A rising number of people are being caught out by "phantom goods" scams - when items are bought online but are never delivered, Citizens Advice says. Cars, flights, furniture and insurance are among the goods and services which buyers think they are getting at a bargain, but which do not exist. ...
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    Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 29th of June 2017 04:27:48 PM
    .... . It says that the project was launched after a successful test flight last year to deliver dried blood for early infant diagnosis of HIV in hospitals in Malawi. ...

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