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Brexit Britain is suddenly debating trade – but it's the wrong talking point | Larry Elliott

Published on Sunday 19th of March 2017 11:20:05 AM in Guardian

Brexit has turned Britain into a nation of trade nerds. In the past nine months, trade has gone from being too boring to mention into a subject about which everybody has a view. Those who eyes would once have glazed over at the mention of bound ...

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    ....Xavier Rolet should keep shouting. The chief executive of London Stock Exchange thinks costs to investors could increase by €100bn (£86bn) over five years if the European Union, after Brexit, insists on moving large chunks of clearing activity to its own patch. ...
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    ....Investec analyst Kate Calvert has pencilled in pre-tax profits of £603m for the year to 31 March – down from £690m a year ago as the combination of rising costs and falling sales eats into the company’s profitability. “M&S is playing catch up in a difficult mid-market position,” said Calvert who said the collapse in the value of the pound since the Brexit vote would add to the pressures faced by management this year as the cost of imported goods rises. ...
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    ....Roll the clock back a year and Britain was in the middle of the EU referendum battle. The remain side was warning about the economic consequences of Brexit; the leave side was extolling the benefits of taking back control. ...
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    .... The recipients were his seasonal workforce, some of the 3,000 pickers from Bulgaria, Romania and elsewhere who come here each year to get the harvest in, and without whom the business would simply not exist. “I wanted them to know that in the face of the vote for Brexit we would hang together as a family,” he says now, standing amid the mobile homes his workers live in during the summer months. ...
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    .... What I find interesting about the broad thrust of the manifestos of both main parties is that, in their own way, the Conservatives and Labour are slowly abandoning the pretence that we can have Scandinavian levels of public service with US levels of taxation. I am not sure that this applies to the lunatic fringe of Tory Brexiters. ...
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    ....But while this appears to set RBS apart from a Lloyds now freed from taxpayer support, the two banks’ fortunes are more closely tied than ever. In their efforts to throw off the 2008 crisis, they have abandoned their international ambitions and focused on the UK – just at a time when Brexit is threatening the economy. ...
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    ....The UK takeover rules are, he argues, more liberal than in the US or the Netherlands. “You have to have a discussion of why these differences are there, and whether you are putting yourself in a good position or a bad position, especially at the time of Brexit and many other things. ...
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    ....”. Nick Mattingley, shows director of the RHS, said sponsorship suffered as the timing of applications coincided with last summer’s Brexit referendum. ...
    Sterling's fall buoys UK manufacturers as export orders rise image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 19th of May 2017 01:17:38 PM
    . UK factories have cashed in on the sharp fall in the pound since the Brexit vote, with export orders at the joint highest level in three and a half years. ...
    German business leaders urge Tories to rethink plan to leave single market image
    . German industrialists have warned that British hopes of their support in Brexit negotiations are misplaced and could backfire with dangerous consequences for international trade. ...
    Price rises caused by Brexit a big worry for UK consumers, survey finds image
    . British consumers are bracing themselves for an expensive and uncertain post-Brexit future, with four out of five fearing price rises on household essentials such as food, drink and clothing, a survey has revealed. ...
    What does increased consumer spending really mean for the UK? image
    Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Thursday 18th of May 2017 03:47:00 PM
    ....7 per cent on the year in April. The surge in price pressures is largely to do with the depreciation in pound exchange rates recorded in the months following the UK’s decision to Brexit from the European Union. ...
    May's manifesto is birth of third way Conservatism image
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    .... The pledge to cut net migration to the tens of thousands has been retained but without any notion of how the target will be achieved. It would be missed even if, in the aftermath of Brexit, there was a complete ban on workers arriving from the EU. ...
    Surprise surge in UK retail sales powers pound to eight-month high image
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    ....3% rate of inflation in the same period. “The latest data showed shoppers continued to shrug off any Brexit and political uncertainty with retail sales beating even the most optimistic expectations,” said Richard Lim, chief executive of the consultancy Retail Economics. ...
    Royal Mail posts strong rise in profits as parcels improve image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 18th of May 2017 06:33:54 AM
    .... . The fall in letter deliveries was at the higher end of expectations, with the company blaming uncertainty over the Brexit referendum for the decline. ...
    EU insists trade deals must meet its labour  and competition standards image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 18th of May 2017 06:21:29 AM
    . Countries seeking a trade deal with the EU should meet European standards on labour law and fair competition, one of the bloc’s most senior officials has said in remarks that reinforce Brexit red lines. ...
    Conservative manifesto: Theresa May targets mainstream Britain' image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of May 2017 09:26:25 PM
    ....Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a "mainstream government that would deliver for mainstream Britain". Launching the Conservative manifesto, Mrs May said a strong economy and delivering Brexit were top priorities. ...
    The Guardian view on the economy: it’s bad | Editorial image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of May 2017 06:48:00 PM
    .... At best, the outlook is for living standards to fall this year and stagnate in 2018. Depending on how the economy performs during the Brexit negotiations, it could be worse than that. ...
    Ikea to create 1,300 new UK jobs image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of May 2017 03:17:59 PM
    ....5% to about 11,700, the company said. It joins firms such as Google, Facebook and Amazon in boosting its UK job numbers since last year's Brexit vote. ...
    Ikea to create 1,300 UK jobs in three new stores image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of May 2017 10:02:07 AM
    ....These improvements come as retailers and other businesses face the potential loss of workers from the EU. Uncertainty about post-Brexit employment and residency rights, and the slump in the value of the pound, which has devalued wages in euro terms, have combined to make hiring more difficult. ...
    Government accused of ignoring workers' plight as UK faces pay squeeze image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of May 2017 09:24:55 AM
    ....“The big question for every party is – what’s your plan to get Britain’s wages rising again?”. Liberal Democrat spokesman Vince Cable said:“This squeeze on living standards is almost certainly caused by the falling pound since the Brexit vote. ...
    UK wage growth lags inflation for first time since mid-2014 image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of May 2017 08:33:02 AM
    ....com, echoed this sentiment: "Alarm bells will be ringing for Britons with wages continuing to fall. This could cause a headache for the government over the standard of living in post-Brexit Britain in the run up to next month's general election. ...
    London is still a global draw despite Brexit, says British Land image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 17th of May 2017 07:59:48 AM
    . London is still a big draw for global banks and institutions despite the uncertainty created by Brexit, according to one of the UK’s biggest property companies. ...

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