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UK unemployment is as low as 1975 – but why aren't wages rising?

Published on Wednesday 15th of March 2017 11:18:08 AM in Guardian

The last time Britain’s unemployment rate was lower than it is today was in the summer of 1975. For those whose memories don’t stretch that far back it was the time of the UK’s first referendum on EU membership, Harold Wilson was prime minister and inflation ...

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    ....It may not currently be the most fashionable tactic for everyone – but this week we’re going to see what happens when our ruling classes talk to ordinary people. On Wednesday we get the latest instalment of the Bank of England’s agents’ summary of business conditions – effectively a report from Threadneedle Street’s eyes and ears on the ground around the country. ...
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    ....Osborne’s plan to reduce the deficit indicated Britain’s weakness because it could only succeed once consumers accepted the need to borrow and spend again like they did before the financial crash. And they could only perform this task with the help of zero interest rates, kindly supplied by the Bank of England. ...
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    . The Bank of England has edged closer to raising interest rates as a deeper split emerged among its committee of policymakers, with three out of eight voting for an immediate rise to keep inflation in check. ...

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