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EU workplace headscarf ban 'can be legal', says ECJ

Published on Tuesday 14th of March 2017 11:08:02 AM in BBC

Workplace bans on the wearing of "any political, philosophical or religious sign" such as headscarves need not constitute direct discrimination, Europe's top court has ruled.But the ban must be based on internal company rules requiring all employees to "dress neutrally", said the European Court of Justice ...

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    ....The human and economic cost of Brexit is registered in nationalities and jobs, a list of accents and tasks that we have taken for granted: the Italian chef; the Romanian fruit-picker and the Polish builder. According to industry groups and business owners, it is becoming increasingly hard to attract this kind of employee to Britain because of the collapse in the pound. ...
    ‘A truly terrible story, and not uncommon’ – our work expert responds image
    ....I was very wrong. During the whole whistleblowing experience I was bullied, snubbed by management as a disgruntled employee and accused of being a “disrespectful colleague”. ...
    Viagogo: who runs it and who owns it? image
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    ....Baker founded Viagogo as a European version of StubHub and moved to London, working out of an expensive apartment in Knightsbridge. One former employee, who worked with him closely, remembers a larger-than-life character: “He’s a very forceful American who says, ‘Let’s go make a billion dollars. ...
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    .... . "What's difficult to take for employees, former employees and some investors is you can get the kind of performance Pearson has given and the chief executive still gets a pretty hefty pay rise," said Stefan Stern of the High Pay Centre. ...
    Second cycle courier wins holiday pay at gig economy tribunal image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Friday 24th of March 2017 12:56:13 PM
    ....Workers employed under a contract in which they must always turn up for work even if they don’t want to, are entitled to employment rights including the national living wage, holiday pay and protection against discrimination. They are not, however, guaranteed other benefits including sick pay and maternity leave that employees are entitled to. ...
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    .... Informal employment is on the rise, globally and in the UK. In the age of zero-hour contracts, Uber and TaskRabbit, we are witnessing an informalisation of working conditions for many employees, as the formal economy also wants a slice of the informal pie. ...
    Eddie Stobart: Lorry firm targets £550m stock market listing image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Thursday 23rd of March 2017 04:41:24 PM
    .... . Eddie Stobart was started by entrepreneur Edward Stobart with only eight trucks and 12 employees before he later sold it to his family. ...
    RBS and NatWest to close 158 branches and cut 470 jobs: Is your local bank shutting? image
    . Up to 470 employees stand to lose their job, as NatWest and RBS shut 128 and 30 branches respectively - another 300 staff will moved to different roles as a result of the changes. ...
    Call to give fathers allocated leave to improve uptake image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 22nd of March 2017 06:23:33 PM
    ....Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families, said men should have paternity rights from their first day on the job, saying currently they faced “huge inequality … right from the start”. Most flexible working cases never make it to an employment tribunal, she added, because the compensation was set at a maximum of eight weeks’ pay – a figure that was not worth most employees losing their job for. ...
    Shoe retailer Brantano goes into administration with 1,000 jobs at risk image
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    ....For the last few weeks the company’s private equity owner, Alteri, had been attempting to sell Brantano and another footwear chain, Jones Bootmaker, which it bought along with its sister retailer for about £12m in February 2015. The latter, which has 100 shops and about 800 employees, is also at risk of administration but is talking to potential buyers thought to include private equity firm Endless and footwear groups Kurt Geiger and Pavers. ...
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    ....”. The government has already set out its vision for fulfilling working lives, but employers need to embrace flexible working, retraining of employees and the transfer of a lifetime of knowledge, Hargreaves Lansdown said. ...
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    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 22nd of March 2017 12:40:05 PM
    ....". Judge Sheridan said the company had a "history of non-compliance" and that managers had ignored warnings and "risks identified by employees and others". ...
    What everyone assumes about rights in the gig economy is wrong | Jason Moyer-Lee image
    .... In the Uber case it was acknowledged that the drivers turned the app on and off when they liked – it is hard to imagine a more flexible working arrangement – and they were still found to be workers. Indeed, were an employer to deny workers this flexibility we would instead argue that they were employees, as we do in our most recent test case on behalf of in-house couriers at The Doctors Laboratory (for which we are currently crowdfunding). ...
    FTSE CEOs 'earn 386 times more than workers on national living wage' image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 22nd of March 2017 06:30:27 AM
    ....Chiming with research by other groups that suggests the squeeze will accentuate inequality, the trust found more than two-thirds (67%) of FTSE 100 CEOs were paid more than 100 times the average UK salary. It is calling on the government to force large and medium firms to report the pay gap between their highest and average paid employee. ...
    The women still working into their 70s image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 22nd of March 2017 12:06:12 AM
    ...."The risk to employers is of a workforce trapped in jobs they don't want to do, which will inevitably impact on productivity. The government has already set out their vision for fulfilling working lives, but its success requires employers to embrace flexible working, re-education of employees and the transfer of a lifetime of knowledge. ...
    Waitrose axes free coffee for shoppers – unless they buy something first image
    .... Shoppers had reported big queues at the self-service coffee machines as office workers and students took advantage of the generous deal, which provided a free drink even to those who bought nothing in the shop. The change is the latest example of belt-tightening by the grocer, which is part of the employee-owned John Lewis Partnership. ...
    Carney defends Bank of England over Hogg resignation image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 21st of March 2017 11:22:41 AM
    .... . "We have emphasised measures to ensure firms and their employees take responsibility - individually and collectively - for their own conduct," he said. ...
    US bans larger electronic devices on some flights from Middle East image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 20th of March 2017 08:13:47 PM
    ....The circular does not address electronic flight bags (EFBs), which allow flight crews to display diagrams mapping flight patterns, maps of airports and other digital documentation, usually on an iPad. The lack of specificity leaves airlines in the dark as to whether their employees will be cited or otherwise punished for performing the vital functions of aircraft crew as usual. ...

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