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Rags to revolution

Published on Monday 13th of March 2017 12:12:14 AM in BBC

The Gutenberg printing press - invented in the 1440s by Johannes Gutenberg, a goldsmith from Mainz in Germany - is widely considered to be one of humanity's defining inventions. Gutenberg figured out how to make large quantities of durable metal type and how to fix that ...

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    Why denying refugees the right to work is a catastrophic error | Paul Collier and Alexander Betts image
    .... The only thing that makes the economic lives of refugees distinct from those of citizens or other migrants is the regulation that affects whether or not they can participate fully in the economy. In restrictive countries, refugees are often denied the right to own certain types of property, their contracts may not be enforced, and there may be restrictions on mobility and the right to work. ...
    How many countries? image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 22nd of March 2017 12:01:18 AM
    .... Instead, they're selected as official suppliers. Often these suppliers subcontract work to other factories for certain tasks, or in order to meet tight deadlines. ...
    London cycle courier 'was punished for refusing work after eight hours in cold' image
    ....A courier delivering parcels in central London has described being punished for refusing work after eight hours of cycling in snowy weather, saying he received no paid breaks or holiday pay. Andrew Boxer is the latest to take on the battle to be classified as a “worker” rather than an independent contractor. ...
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    ...."At the end of the day it can be edited and it can be changed," he says. "The problem then is if it is a legal contract without enough back-up, then it could be represented as something factual. ...
    Jamie Oliver to launch new show as part of deal with Channel 4 image
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    ....The overhaul includes a rethink of his monthly food travel and lifestyle magazine, Jamie, which in December revealed year-on-year sales down by 10% to 47,445. Hearst, owner of Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, has taken over the publishing contract and the repositioned magazine, targeting the urban female “foodie” market and focusing more on Oliver himself, is out this month. ...
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    Blurred lines? image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 20th of March 2017 12:02:25 AM
    ....But all that physical shuffling around is a fuss. Much more efficient to structure insurance as a financial contract instead, something the Romans did a few millennia later. ...
    THE CRUSADER: Holiday pair's hotel tangle image
    Source : Daily Express [Read Article] Monday 20th of March 2017 12:01:00 AM
    ....BEFORE CLICKING: Check the terms. Excessive fees to change a booking or a contract remain a sore point with consumers, and those that seem unquestionably unjust can fall into the category of unfair contract terms which breach consumer law and can be challenged. ...
    UK Mail driver who was unable to work after car accident charged £800 image
    .... UK Mail made a profit of £16m profit last year when it was bought out by the Deutsche Post DHL Group. The system of charges is written into the contracts of couriers who are paid per delivery. ...
    Brexit Britain is suddenly debating trade – but it's the wrong talking point | Larry Elliott image
    .... The EU has defences to protect against the dumping of goods at below global market prices. It also has rules governing the state aid that member countries can provide to their domestic firms and a public procurement regime that allows German companies to bid for government contracts in the UK. ...
    The learners who are out of pocket  as Drive Dynamics stalls over lessons image
    .... A month later he was still waiting. Drive Dynamics’ terms and conditions state that although it handles payments, a customer’s contract is with the instructor assigned to them, and it is the instructor who is responsible for issuing refunds. ...
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    .... Their prevalence is likely to grow, but today the bulk of labour market exploitation is of a more analogue nature. Sports Direct is perhaps the most infamous example of modern exploitation: workers on zero-hours and agency contracts subjected to dreadful working conditions more akin to a Victorian factory than a modern workplace. ...
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    ....When US defence giant Lockheed Martin signed a deal to build Hercules military transport aircraft for an unnamed air force, it knew manufacturing would take several years. So the contract it drew up in 1999 stated that the price of the planes would increase over time, to account for inflation. ...

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