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Kit Kat sugar content to be cut by 10%, says Nestle

Published on Wednesday 8th of March 2017 03:06:14 AM in BBC
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  • Chocolate bars including famous brands such as Kit Kat, Yorkie and Aero will contain 10% less sugar by next year, manufacturer Nestle has announced.The sugar will be replaced with higher quantities of existing ingredients or other, non-artificial ingredients, and the amount of calories will be limited.It ...

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    ....”. Finding a manufacturer with the right equipment, that was interested in Brown’s small volumes, was easier said than done. ...
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    ...."Microsoft's primary objective is to keep customers protected," it added. In its statement, Kaspersky said: "These actions by Microsoft lead to a lower level of protection for users, a limitation on their right to choose, and financial losses both for users and security solution manufacturers. ...
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    ....Uncertainty about the outcome of Thursday’s election was also cited as a factor as the reports showed a drop in retail sales, a slowdown for the vast services sector and a fall in new car sales last month. They provided the latest signs that while manufacturers have picked up steam in recent months, those firms that rely on household spending have struggled, boding ill for the UK economy’s overall prospects this year. ...
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