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Scheme to combat rogue lettings agents under attack

Published on Monday 6th of March 2017 12:19:27 AM in BBC

Landlords and tenants who have been defrauded by a rogue letting agent say a government-approved scheme set up to protect them is useless.The Property Redress Scheme (PRS) does not take effective action, they say.The PRS said it was not a regulator and could only help when ...

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    ....In a hastily arranged press conference in Dublin on Monday afternoon amid a passenger revolt and a slump in the company’s share price, the normally combative chief executive Michael O’Leary apologised “unreservedly” for “a mess of our own making”. O’Leary blamed a one-off holiday pilot rostering issue, which if not tackled immediately would send the airline’s on-time punctuality below 50%, adding that it will cost Ryanair about €25m (£22m) in compensation payouts and other costs. ...
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    . Ryanair has promised to publish details on Tuesday of all the flights it plans to cancel over the next six weeks following a passenger revolt, a slump in its share price and an expected compensation bill of £30m. ...
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    ....”. The general rule is that an airline must refund the cost of the ticket plus pay €250 (£220) compensation for flights of up to 1,500km, and €400 (£353) for flights of 1,500km to 3,500km. ...
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    ....Dodds told the Guardian: “The problem we have is that we booked all parts of our holiday separately meaning a rescheduled flight two days later doesn’t work for us. If they cancel the flight, I will have to cancel the entire holiday, take a loss and go straight back to work so I don’t lose annual leave and just wait for compensation. ...
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    .... Google also became ground zero for an international debate about diversity last month after it fired a male engineer who wrote a memo criticizing affirmative action and suggesting that white men have become victims of “discrimination” in tech. The class-action complaint, filed in San Francisco, included three named plaintiffs who offered specific stories of Google “assigning and keeping female employees in lower compensation levels than male employees with similar skills, experience, and duties”. ...
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