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Vodafone to recruit women on career breaks

Published on Friday 3rd of March 2017 12:01:11 AM in BBC

Vodafone says it will actively recruit women on career breaks, many of whom have left their jobs to have children.The telecoms giant says it wants to boost its proportion of female staff.About 10% of its new management hires will be women who have taken a break ...

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    ....Savers can boost their pension pot by average £433 a year after tax relief and employer contributions are taken into account, according to NOW:Pensions. And workers who are likely to be reaching the peak of their career could be missing out on much more. ...
    You’re unsuited to your company, not your job’ – our work expert responds image
    .... . How can I change my career to something more suitable when my CV has these types of “comply and repeat” roles? . ...
    Debt warning: Cash-strapped Brits adding a TENNER a day to their burdens - this is how image
    ....Around 15 per cent of people take on more debt ‘just to get by’ and pay for household necessities, rising to 20 per cent of single parents. Other reasons for UK households taking on debt included changing career, taking on a new job and funding parental leave. ...
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    ....”. Hegarty has made a career out of challenging conventions. ...
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    .... To be a young graduate is to be saddled with debt, compelled to move to a major city, tout for unpaid internships, land a temporary job and have no hope of ever buying a house or retiring before 70. Go up the demographic tree and you see young and even mid-career university lecturers whose jobs have been Uber-ised. ...

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