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Cement firm Lafarge paid Syrian armed groups

Published on Thursday 2nd of March 2017 11:24:34 AM in BBC

Cement maker LafargeHolcim says it has uncovered evidence that a Lafarge factory in Syria provided funding to local armed groups.It said those in charge of the Jalabiya plant had taken "unacceptable" measures in order to keep the plant open and protect employees.Various armed factions "controlled or ...

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    ....But after crunching the numbers, Lewis estimates that “overpaying is just throwing money away” unless the graduate is likely to be in very high-paid employment all their lives. Only if the student lands a job earning £40,000 a year on graduation, and then enjoys big pay rises after, should they consider repaying their loan early, said Lewis. ...
    UK business confidence at lowest point for six years, say forecasters image
    ....Fragile business sentiment linked to Brexit-related anxiety, domestic political uncertainty and squeezed consumer budgets have caused UK business confidence to drop to its lowest point for almost six years, the economic consultancy IHS Markit reports. Meanwhile, Britain’s economic growth will continue to weaken this year due to a Brexit-related consumer-spending squeeze and muted earnings growth, the EY Item Club said in the latest downgrading of its forecasts. ...
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    ....Pay was the trigger for the dispute: basic salary starts at £12,100, although BA said an independent audit showed full-time crew earned at least £21,000 with add-ons. The union says £16,000-17,000 is a typical figure, and crew at the Westminster rally agree: one, now a customer service manager earning £27,000, says they had worked for five years before promotion “and every P60 says I’ve earned under £20k”. ...

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