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AG Barr to halve sugar content in Irn Bru

Published on Wednesday 1st of March 2017 10:32:12 AM in BBC

AG Barr is to halve the amount of sugar in its leading Irn Bru brand, ahead of a government crackdown on the fizzy drinks industry.The Cumbernauld-based firm, which also makes Rubicon and Tizer, said it would cut Irn Bru's sugar content from about 10g per 100ml ...

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    Interest rate rise is further away than MPC vote suggests image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Thursday 16th of March 2017 05:50:07 PM
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    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Tuesday 14th of March 2017 08:00:16 AM
    ....In 2014, following a stream of complaints, the government strengthened protections against aggressive bailiffs, but there has been little improvement and abuses are still “widespread”, according to the group which includes StepChange Debt Charity, the Children’s Society, Christians Against Poverty, Citizens Advice and the Money Advice Trust (MAT). The charities, which have compiled evidence of ongoing problems in the industry, have written to justice secretary Liz Truss urging a fundamental reform of bailiff law. ...
    UK economy will grow more strongly than expected, says BCC image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Tuesday 14th of March 2017 07:01:15 AM
    ....The upside to the weak pound for the economy would be some support for exports, he added. Sterling’s sharp depreciation since the referendum has helped make UK goods cheaper in overseas markets and there has been some evidence that exports have picked up as a result. ...
    Some bailiffs 'still abusing powers', debt charities say image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 14th of March 2017 12:03:59 AM
    ....Claire Kober, chairwoman of the Local Government Association's resources board, said that anyone who felt that a bailiff working on behalf of a local authority had acted illegally or been intimidating should contact the council concerned immediately to raise their concerns. Vernon Phillips, director general of the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA), which represents private sector agents, said: "It is clear from the most recent local authority survey evidence that the system is working better than before the new regulations came into force, but we are keen to ensure any continuing concerns are tackled effectively. ...
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    Source : BBC [Read Article] Tuesday 14th of March 2017 12:03:19 AM
    ....And while the potential benefits of the smartphone "pocket doctor" are indisputable - remote monitoring by doctors being a major one - there is also the danger of mis-diagnosis and incorrect self-treatment if the apps are not proven. This is why regulatory approval and an evidence-based approach is so important. ...
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