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UK’s housing market is broken, and only a radical solution can fix it | Peter Hetherington

Published on Tuesday 28th of February 2017 12:00:27 PM in Guardian

Britain has a lamentable housebuilding record. For the past three decades, relative to population size, it has built fewer houses than any other western European country.That was the recent admission of the communities and local government secretary, Sajid Javid, in a candid assessment of the country’s ...

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    ....It suggests that the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority, which already has some investigatory powers over food and farming operators, could be handed responsibility to carry out investigations into employment status in all businesses. The Taylor review, which was commissioned by the government last year, is expected to publish recommendations in the next few weeks. ...
    European commission to crack down on offshore tax avoidance image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Sunday 18th of June 2017 03:18:15 PM
    ....Brussels will publish proposals this Wednesday to force financial intermediaries to automatically disclose any new cross-border tax schemes offered to clients. Those designing and promoting aggressive avoidance structures will have five working days to file details with their local tax authority, according to a leaked version of the proposals, drawn up by the European commission. ...
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    ....The European Commission has said it is “fully committed to a fast deployment of self-driving technologies”, citing the economic and safety benefits. A recent commission document on Smart Cities mentioned cycling only once, and that was in reference to helmets. ...

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