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Trump's Treasury Secretary targets tax reform 'by August'

Published on Thursday 23rd of February 2017 05:37:58 PM in BBC

US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, has promised "very significant" tax reform before the Congressional break in August.In his first television interview, since taking office Mr Mnuchin told CNBC his priority was boosting growth.Mr Mnuchin said that tax cuts combined with deregulation would boost economic growth to ...

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    .... While it's true that the first three months of a year are usually particularly weak, and that growth will likely pick up in the coming months, it's also the case that a 3% annual growth rate hasn't been consistently delivered since the 1990s. So whatever it is that would boost growth - be it tax cuts or large government spending - is likely to require far-reaching legislation from Congress. ...
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    . The Trump administration unveiled what it called the biggest tax cuts “in history” on Wednesday, in a move that will simplify the US tax system, slash taxes for businesses large and small – including Trump’s own – eliminate inheritance taxes and set the president on a collision course with Congress over the likely $2tn-plus cost of the proposal. ...
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