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O2 in £125m deal to keep naming rights to former Millennium Dome

Published on Thursday 23rd of February 2017 06:31:06 AM in Guardian

The mobile operator O2 has struck a deal thought to be worth about £125m to keep the naming rights to the London venue the O2 until at least 2027.The 10-year deal, announced the day after the venue played host to the 2017 Brit awards, means the ...

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    ....”. Internal candidates likely to throw their hat in the ring include the chief creative officer Jay Hunt, chief marketing and communications officer Dan Brooke and sales chief Jonathan Allan. ...
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    . The scale of pay deals on offer in FTSE 100 boardrooms has been illustrated by the latest payout to Sir Martin Sorrell, who was awarded more than £40m in 2016 taking the total payout to the chief executive of marketing and advertising company WPP in the past five years to more than £200m. ...
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    ....02bn in sales last year. Lego's sales were strong in the UK and other European markets last year, but were flat in the US despite a significant increase in marketing. ...
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    ....Requirements: five GCSEs, including maths and English, at grade C or above, and three A-levels at grade C. A variety of marketing and social media companies offer apprenticeship schemes aimed at school leavers. ...
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    ...."We are expressly prohibiting its use to target action by local regulators going forward," said Uber's chief security officer Joe Sullivan. He said the same technology had also been used for many other purposes, including for marketing promotions and deterring Uber riders using the app in violation of the company's term of service. ...
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