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Who chooses YouTube's "important videos"?

Published on Monday 26th of December 2016 02:06:25 AM in BBC
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  • The ironically named "important videos" playlist has achieved cult status on YouTube.Clips on the list are short, sometimes goofy and often funny. Collectively they've amassed more than 120 million views, and people are challenging each other to finish the entire list.It's got to the point where ...

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    Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg on grief: ‘It does get better’ image
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    .... . You can join the debate at the BBC's Family & Education News Facebook page. ...
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    ....More chapters in the Furious franchise, which began in 2001, are planned for release in 2019 and 2021. Follow us on Facebook, on Twitter @BBCNewsEnts, or on Instagram at bbcnewsents. ...
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    .... . Specifically, in what's known as narrow AI - algorithms that can do one thing very well, like playing Go, or filtering email spam, or recognising faces in your Facebook photos. ...
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    ....Theresa May’s article 50 letter might have dominated the front pages in Britain but it was met with a shrug in San Francisco, where 30 tech leaders from the north of England recently embarked on a four-day mission to woo, impress and tempt cash from Silicon Valley’s top dealmakers. Anxiety over the future of Britain outside Europe has not, it seems, spread to the home of Facebook, Twitter and Google. ...
    How Uber conquers a city in seven steps image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 12th of April 2017 03:19:57 PM
    .... A large chunk was spent in the first half of 2016, as officials and lobby groups argued over the levels of insurance rideshare firms would be obliged to provide drivers. In California, Uber spent almost $1m on lobbyists – more than double that spent by Facebook and Apple – over two years from 2013-2015, with efforts focused on whether drivers should need commercial licenses and be classified as employees. ...
    United Airlines boss Oscar Munoz will not resign image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 12th of April 2017 12:19:37 PM
    ....Vietnamese social media users have called for a boycott, despite there being no direct United flights to the Southeast Asian country. "Watching this makes my blood boil, I'll never fly United Airlines," said one Facebook user, Anh Trang Khuya. ...
    Great Western Railway's refund was way overdue image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Wednesday 12th of April 2017 06:00:27 AM
    .... He told me my only option was to buy two singles to Exeter at a cost of £73 and to try to resolve the issue of the return ticket and a refund on board. I emailed GWR from the train and was told my case would be dealt with within six weeks unless I complained via Facebook. ...
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    .... When the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, had to choose an avatar for his Twitter account in 2015, he opted for the cover of The Fountainhead. Peter Thiel, Facebook’s first major investor and a rare example of a man who straddles both Silicon Valley and Trumpworld, is a Randian. ...
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    Google to display fact-checking labels to show if news is true or false image
    ....The expansion comes in the wake of heavy criticism of US technology firms for their inaction over the spread of misinformation and fake news, particularly around high-profile topics such as the US election. The UK government recently urged US firms, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft, to do more to police their platforms and remove illegal and extremist content. ...

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