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The Indian YouTube channel with 6 billion views

Published on Friday 2nd of December 2016 12:01:58 AM in BBC
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  • Keeping children entertained can be a difficult job, but one company based in India is taking on that very task. YouTube channel ChuChu TV animates and reversions traditional nursery rhymes.And with more than five million subscribers the channel has become hugely popular, not just in India ...

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    ....In the first quarter of last year, sales of the iPhone suffered their first ever decline, leading some analysts to speculate that the world may have reached “peak Apple” and prompting the company to ensure its content operation continues to run like clockwork. Last year Apple improved its terms by giving developers 85% of subscription revenue, but only after a subscriber uses the app for at least a year. ...
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    .... This suggests that the increased popularity of PMI may be down to a recovery in the economy and companies taking more staff, rather than fears about the state of the NHS. The number of individual subscribers to private medical insurance continued to decline, dropping by 1. ...
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    ....695m sales, including nearly 505,000 downloads and a whopping 119m streams. Streaming’s advantages are that you can listen to any of millions of tracks whenever you like, and create playlists; paying subscribers can also download individual tracks for offline listening. ...
    Who chooses YouTube's
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Monday 26th of December 2016 02:06:25 AM
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    Wrap up a cheaper digital TV package this Christmas image
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    .... . Four out of 10 subscribers are unhappy with their current contract, but do not switch as they think it is too much hassle. ...
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    ....BT, Plusnet and EE were the most complained about broadband providers in the third quarter of 2016, figures from Ofcom show. BT, which owns the Plusnet and EE brands, came top of the list with 36 complaints per 100,000 subscribers, followed by Plusnet with 30 and EE at 26, the media regulator said. ...
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