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Samsung 'blocks' exploding Note 7 parody videos

Published on Friday 21st of October 2016 05:17:20 AM in BBC

Samsung appears to have filed copyright claims against YouTube videos mocking its recalled Galaxy Note 7 handset.Many gamers have showcased a modification to video game Grand Theft Auto V, in which sticky bombs were switched with exploding Samsung phones.But some have reported that their videos have ...

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    .... . The Canadian Transportation Agency receives an average of about 50 complaints a year from passengers saying they were denied boarding. ...
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    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Tuesday 11th of April 2017 06:00:20 AM
    .... The sofa was delivered but it didn’t fit. We waited for five days while DFS retained the sofa and money with no communication, then we filed a complaint on its website which it ignored. ...
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    ....The gambling companies say they are not breaching data laws and they use the software to protect against fraud. The software at the centre of the complaints is called iesnare or iovation and downloads automatically when you log in to some online gambling websites. ...
    Facebook revenge porn to be blocked from reposts image
    Source : BBC [Read Article] Wednesday 5th of April 2017 01:27:19 PM
    ....Facebook is not hunting out revenge porn imagery itself, but instead will rely on users flagging the content via its Report tool. Its community operations team will then make a judgement as to whether the posts qualify, taking into account factors including whether sexual activity is depicted, the setting and whether the person making the complaint is shown. ...
    No yolk: Cadbury and National Trust say Easter egg row is nonsense image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Tuesday 4th of April 2017 05:15:40 PM
    ....This week’s Easter egg furore is not unprecedented. It follows complaints about the rebranding of Christmas as “Winterval”, the relegation or withdrawal of traditional carol services and nativity plays in schools, the rejection by big cinema chains in 2015 to show a 60-second advert on The Lord’s Prayer, an outcry in December over a nurse who was allegedly sacked after offering to pray with patients, and criticism of a recent European court of justice ruling permitting employers to ban workers from wearing religious symbols or clothing. ...
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    ....In some cases, ISPs are advertising services as fibre that rely on slower copper wires for the final link to a customer's home. The probe has been prompted by consumer complaints and calls from MP Matt Warman to investigate. ...
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