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New phone service aims to protect elderly from nuisance calls and scams

Published on Saturday 6th of August 2016 06:01:25 AM in Guardian

Are you plagued with nuisance calls, possibly from fraudsters? Do you worry that an elderly parent or relative might be conned into parting with their cash by scam callers? A new phone company is promising to bring back old-style operators, who will screen out scammers and ...

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    .... However, another reader was paid £300 cash after selling something on Gumtree and the cash turned out to be counterfeit – so be wary of that, too. Ebay/PayPal need to get a grip of this growing fraud or sellers will start to realise the site is not worth the risk. ...
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    Should companies be forced to put workers on boards? | Frances O’Grady and Sam Bowman image
    .... But they should look more closely. Volkswagen’s recent difficulties, which have included corporate spying and large-scale fraud, were according to some partially caused by worker representation on the company board. ...
    Companies must reveal pay disparity between boss and workers image
    Source : Guardian [Read Article] Monday 28th of August 2017 11:01:46 PM
    ....On Monday MonRebecca Long-Bailey, the shadow business secretary, described the government’s proposals as “just more crony capitalism” and questioned why the register of companies that face shareholder revolts would be maintained by the Investment Association, a City trade body. She said: “The Tory plan is a fraud, watering down a promise to increase workers’ voices to a lone representative on the board of directors or a separate employee advisory council. ...
    Viagogo: ACCC launches legal action against 'misleading' ticket reseller image
    ....Viagogo has been approached for comment. In March, Viagogo was accused in the UK of “contempt for parliament” and a “lack of respect” when representatives failed to show up for a select committee hearing into ticketing fraud – part of a battle against “ticket touts” that has been watched closely by the Australian industry. ...
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